Hi Aquarius so let’s look at 2018 see how things are going for 2018 we’re gonna do January through June if you would like a personal 2018 forecast I am doing the entire year for the personal readings all of that information is below so I’m gonna pick a major arcana for the overall energy of a month and then we.

Will clarify with a different deck so January we have the high refine.

Higher learning knowledge you have the star for February we have the chariot for March we have the world for April we have the.

Lovers for May and we have the Emperor or June I like it I like it a leg of lunch okay Aquarius the Huayra thought for January speaks of the institution spaces of spirituality it could be a.

Tourist in your life let’s see January 2018 for Aquarius I hope you guys are doing well in December getting all of your holiday stuff done so we have the five of sorts.

We have the ace of swords we have the magician we have the Queen of sorts there you are standing proud we have the queen of Pentacles this could be the Taurus we’re talking about or in Virgo or a Capricorn we have the chariot.

And we have the page of Pentacles so automatically.

What I’m seeing here is you could be deceiving yourself that there is something that you’ve been manifesting and you really want to have a conversation about.

Want to bring some things to light there’s been some clarity you want to move forward in some kind of stability possibly with an.

Earth sign don’t get caught up in the genders it is a general reading the bottom of the deck.

Here sorry I’m trying to get comfortable uncomfortable or something I’m trying to get comfortable we have the Wheel of Fortune we have the page of cups we have the four of Pentacles and the two of Pentacles so you’re.

Really focused on building this stability you have some decisions you need to make are you going to move.

Forward within a new beginning because it looks like if you continuously hold on to things.

It could be that you’re deceiving yourself that you have to hold on to something because you’ve been manifesting words to say you’ve been working on words you’ve been working up the.
Courage to say something is what.

I’m feeling and it could possibly have to do with needing more affection in your life needing to have that emotional.

Support in your life so in January I am kind of urging you that you know January is going to be very lucky for you to open up and to say the things that you need.

To say right so February we hop the star which is the Aquarius card also speak wishes wishing on a star wanting to give your wishes to come true wanting to move forward in a direction wanting to make that that active choice no longer juggling these things in the air you know we have the queen of Pentacles again.

We have the six of cups this could be somebody from your past it looks like maybe there’s going to be a combative nature almost that could be heartbreaking either to you or the queen of Pentacles king of Pentacles Queen chemicals again don’t get caught up in the gender oh we do have the moon we have the two of cups we.

Have the knight of swords and we have the two all right guys okay I’m gonna leave that right there just roll to stop we have the two.


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