Hey what a science so let’s see what messages we have this is for October 26 Oh the messages to be asked in the water signs cancer Scorpio Pisces October 26 2010 18 Scorpio Pisces October 26 in 1809 oh yeah I know you got tired eight of Wands okay so we got the eight of Wands there is some communication.

There’s some moving forward it’s good four of cups little depression some some feelings there’s some conflict here so you may have set some boundaries within a situation resisting moving forward I think it’s good.

Okay because the underlying energy there was stagnation so some of you guys hopefully you’re not continuing this stagnation hopefully you’re moving forward but resisting moving forward something out.

These cards of stagnation five five seven seven four eight stuck in a cycle we can’t change this around what assignments we gonna change this around five of Hawaiians lots of starving ones here let’s just see what’s going on why these five of Wands conflict fights someone looking down on you yeah somebody looking down to you.

Being very cruel to you trying to keep you stuck in a cycle so someone may be trying to keep you stuck in a cycle trying to keep you stuck but I’m believing here it’s mutual because even with the conflict the.

Conflict maybe if not someone trying to keep you stuck someone feels stuck and they want something to change so that maybe the conflict either you or someone that you’re dealing with.

Feels stuck they feel trapped eight of swords here and that’s the truth and they’re speaking their truth they want something to change you may see it as being cruel or you may this may be your energy and you may.

Feel like you’re being cruel if you speak about this but it needs to be said the communication is happening this is the comfortable communication is happening oh I don’t know if you’re not wanting to say this you’re being guarded against speaking your truth but the truth there’s gonna be told ace of sorts eight of once the troops are going to be told so we got the wheel of fortune here so if pinnacles in Reverse seven of sorts oh yeah yeah so something’s changing someone’s cutting some strings.

Moving forward truth truth truth night of sorts truth someone’s coming with some messages some there’s some deceptive energy around a new cycle so.

Some balance are a juggle to different relationships this may be the will changing within a relationship because now there’s no more juggling the two of Pentacles there is in reverse there’s no more juggling now someone is trying to sneak away so someone’s trying to move forward the underlying energy Cancerian energy wanting to move forward wanting something to change maybe trying to juggle a change holding all and try to make something change.

Someone could be trying to make something change try to make something balance out seven of source the deception may be trying to deceive or make someone so if someone’s trying to make someone make.

A decision or manipulate someone into making it a decision trying to deceive someone into deciding something that is not what’s in their best interest that is in balance you’re shaking up a situation all right so why is this emperor here I here I got it why is this an emperor here guard it trying to control a situation this could.

Be your energy Aries here dealing with an.

Aries someone’s trying to control their life but still stuck you needed to really you need.

To let go you trying to find balance in a situation where there is no balance there won’t be balance in the situation because you’re resisting you’re resisting your own changes you’re resisting your own manifestations you’re resisting your own cycle six of Pentacles here balance someone needs to take control if this is not.

Your energy your partner or the person that is holding on.

To you needs to take control there’s a new opportunity to move forward unexpected opportunity with someone’s in their feelings depressed about moving forward but there’s an unexpected opportunity some of you guys are going to miss an opportunity cuz you’re to guard it you’re gonna miss an opportunity because you’re too guarded because you’re in balance trying to manipulate a different situation I’ve out.

Of worry I’m gonna say fear is no it’s not even fear this isn’t fear anymore someone’s afraid there’s worry 7 Pentacles worry 5 of Pentacles worry Emperor with these cards worry you’re worried about balance you’re worried about opportunities you’re worried about this so maybe some of.

You guys are needing to move forward from something but you may be in balance because you fear moving forward because you fear you lack something I don’t think this has anything to do with emotions are holding long this is just fear of lacking.

Listen you’re going to be fine you lack nothing don’t let your fear what does it inhibit you why is this five eClinical someone feels left out Nicole someone feels that a lack for pinnacles a cycle is complete okay so someone feels that a lack because someone’s offering you something offering you an opportunity but you are not moving.

Forward you are not they’re communicating to you I have this opportunity this is conflict they feel like you’re trapped in a cycle they want clarity you’re guarded against a new opportunity you’re gonna miss a new opportunity someone here feels that elec because they don’t want to offer you this for once lovers less card here this is tena.

Fennell I mean it’s in a cup someone loves you and wants to make a decision to all right wait.

Wait a minute wait a minute come on do that don’t do that oh yeah okay so some of you.

Guys there’s an opportunity I don’t know who this new opportunity is I don’t know it’s unexpected so either this is someone that this is not the person that you’re holding on to and the external energy someone feels out of leg because you double energy lovers cart won’t make the decision to get out of.

Whatever you’re in to get out of this connection that you’re in death cart adjustments super cups this is putting it into the past someone feels out of lack or someone is worried that you’re not.

Going to put an end to the past so if you’re moving into a new relationship you may be worried that someone isn’t putting it into the past and you’re resisting moving forward them or you’re in a relationship.


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