Hey Paul here for retro-gaming arts and today I just want to explain everything I’ve learned about the ps3 fat yellow lighting of death thing yellow lighting of death thing yes that’s what I want to talk about it’s going to be a little bit of a less structured video I’m just going to free vault tell you guys everything I.

Know as we go through this case 3 and any if you know a little bit more about any topic or anything I say feel free to leave all of that in the comments I’d love to learn a little bit more also everything that I’m saying this is all.

Just my knowledge that I’ve acquired through fixing these a lot so I don’t know how accurate perfectly correct it is but.

I’ve fixed a bunch of them so I think it might I think it might work.

So anyway so this is a ps3 without the shell on top I’ve taken it apart for the sake of.

The video this is the CD Drive this is the power supply unit now the thing I want to point out about this is it’s metal metal gets hot so in the last revision of the ps3 fat they actually had a plastic power supply unit which then led to the ps3 Slim’s plastics power supply unit so the first thing I want to understand is the design is let’s look at the.

Design of this thing and let’s understand that because you can’t fix anything or you can’t modify anything if you don’t understand its design so that’s the most important part which we’ll be talking about now now if you.
Look at the ps3 slim design what you’ll see is this is moved to the.

Back and it’s all right here it’s plastic so why they did that is as we take this apart a little bit more and more you’ll understand.

Because it was it was brilliant it was their best move it was great so we’ll take all these off and now we have.

The ps3 this is the motherboard and now this is just a metal shell on top for some you know the switches for like the memory cards and then the buttons and.

All that but underneath this this is the memory card and then underneath that we.

Just have it inside she┬┤ll so we’ll just be we’ll be taking this out actually that’s already taken out so I have it right here but I just want to explain what it what.

It is so this pretty much is inside just like that so this is exactly what’s underneath here and here you have the tension brackets for the CPU and the GPU so remember as to this is where the power supply is and actually these two pins right here it was what connects to the power supply right there yeah it’s like dark it’s like so dirty it’s burnt and then that connects there so with the tension bracket being right.

Here this is one of your critical most important chips is located directly underneath this super hot aluminum metal I don’t know what materials made out of power supply so with this getting so hot being right above the chips led to.

The ps3 slim having the power supply unit in the back away from the chips so now that we have our motherboard out and we know the location of the power supply we know that the fan is underneath the fans underneath it’s actually this is the fan.

So that’s how that goes so you have the fan underneath but the power supply right here cooking that chip especially if you leave it on for a long time you have poor airflow that’s why one the first step to prevention is to leave this thing tilted on its side and that’s the best way to start preventing it from getting hot because as you’ll see if you tip this on its side you can see this the fans right here by the way this is where the fan is you can see that air is.

Through here and then out through the back vents so that’s why having it upright in the ps3 this has do there’s nothing ever going to be against this and once you put something on top of it.

So you’ll never impede the air flow air will be able to be sucked and then out the back but is that enough I don’t think it’s enough but it’s a good start to have your ps3 upwards.

That these holes are not big enough so you can always case mod that if you want to increase air flow but anyway let’s get back to the chips and this is how this normally is and like I.

Said there’s a fan inside of here usually air in air out it’s just like a car you need air to go in and then you need air to go out and here you have your your graphics card and then your processor your i7 and your gtx.

1060 whatever GPU CPU and then here you have your ps2 this is your ps2 this is the exact chip for your ps2 man so this is your ps2 chip right here and then this is your Southbridge which I don’t know what a South Bridge.

Chip does is or anything about it somebody please tell me in the comments I would love.
To learn if you understand how.

These chips work you can understand a little bit better about how much airflow they need and how cool they need to be so with this one if you look this goop on top is just a thermal paste but if you see this black I think that’s part of the inside of the chip that has melted because this one got way too.

So the anatomy of the chip is this piece on top this is your heat shield heat spreader heat sink whatever you want to call it underneath it is a die and which is a square little chip in.

The middle and then underneath your die is your under filler or your inner poser depending on the chip I think and then underneath that is your substrate and your substrate or your you know I just call it like a PCB board as you can see is actually this bottom piece this square piece that goes right here so.

That’s the anatomy of the chip I guess you would say of how it works and then underneath the substrate or the PCB is tiny tiny little square solder pads and those tiny little squares solder pads are then connected to to solder pads on the actual board and they’re connected by tiny little solder balls and that’s a whole process to remove that.

And then to reapply the little tiny balls of solder and then reapply this chip is a whole huge process that I don’t think is worth it especially when you see this black that might be the inside of the ship being completely melted and destroyed so it’s a tough one that’s professional I don’t have the equipment way above my pay grade I wish I did it would be cool be fun little thing to try and do but there’s some other things that you can do to prevent it so you don’t have to get.


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