Looking for them what is Macedonia and where are the Macedonian Laura stone you are here you have a right to take so stay tuned and don’t go anywhere my name is Mariana and I’m here to explain you today the topic is mental tomia lawyers what are the mental foramen alloy first of all for that purpose we should understand.

Of what basically metal chromium in the metal tomia is basically a type of cancer which is caused by.

The thin layer of metal tinium tissues muscle human tissues are both motivational legs and when the love of adrenaline and impacted by some test particles and then it becomes and then it sticks to the lugs and those lands become a bestest and that a versus of slowly becomes the infection infection that when whatever humor and humor into the cancer okay so that’s.

The point that with virtues metal tomia but today the topic is what is metal comeon lawyer okay so for that purpose we should understand that what metal tomia actually is muscle atonia is disease type of cancer which is caused by the killin layer of metal camiĆ³n tissues and which is mostly bitter mostly present in.

Some people there there is a more test justifying and stuff like that and you know that the person.

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Stay in the places where they dismiss just alright so that will 11 – the place that is much less clear the inhale that touching in themselves and that just which the inherent themself both into the lungs and the stick into the lungs like a mustard and and the passage of time that it’s a very slow process of the mesothelium disease cancer and then in with.

The passage of time it just stick to the lungs and then it just became a bastard and learn it and learn in the tumor and that tumor is of the cancer which is a final silver metal key.


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