Hi Pisces let’s talk 2018 we’re gonna look at January through June if you would like a personal 2018 forecast I am doing the entire year for personal greetings the information is below the video just click on that little arrow thank you for everyone who has subscribed was light was shared so let’s grab a major arcana from the gilded.

Tarot and we will have an overlying energy for a major arcana for each month into June the first one in January is the tower so that very uncomfortable moment February is the Hermit.

Of course after the tower we have to sit and think and get the world the magician so after the world this is like the very last major arcana and then the very.

First so it’s very interesting that you got March and then April the magician May is judgment and June is the lovers con gratulations congratulations so let’s see what we have here let’s clarify each so for January the tower we talked about that before this hour does not have to be mass destruction the tower can be just a very uncomfortable situation in your life.

An uncomfortable conversation and uncomfortable moment the clerk’s don’t want to shuffled anymore so we won’t make them it could be the very ideal of something unstable within you that needs to fall and then the I wasn’t feeling that if they want to come out when I go back around they well the very instability with any of the needs to fall so it can.
Be rebuilt bottom of the deck we do have.

The devil which is the shadow side which is working very very hard within oneself within one’s life um cool so we have the nine of swords sitting up in your head being the hanged man stuck seven of cops looking at all of your options being very patient being a.

Hermit these are very spiritual cards so again something within you having to die to be reborn and then we have the page of Pentacles and we have the three of Pentacles so working really hard.

To rebuild working very hard to look at your shadow site we do have the seven of swords we have the three of swords we have the nine of Wands the Ace of Wands and the king of Wands the last one is the ace of Pentacles so hopefully you’re not deceiving yourself.
Because there is broken heart there is.

This very angsty time in your life where you will be up in your head I feel like this right here in the middle is a conversation and I don’t want you to run away from that conversation I want you to.

Have this conversation even if it’s going to bring you to the nine of swords even if it’s going to make you look within parts of you that you didn’t want to look at but when we get to the nine of Wands when we get to the Ace of Wands when we get.

To the king of Wands the king of Wands could be a fire sign in your life somebody you find is very passionate or.

It could be somebody who is giving you a good opportunity to move forward with in your life I feel like you’ve been on defense mode you’ve been fighting at your life in some way where you didn’t have to look with it you’ve been stuck you’ve been looking at your options you’ve been the.

Hermit could be a Virgo that you’re dealing with or a Sagittarius it could be the king of ones ones but here’s an opportunity for you to break free from this fight mode for you to break.

Free from this being stuck and if you are sitting within yourself and you are thinking thinking thinking thinking about all of the spiritual aspects that you have to do to grow I feel like that’s what the tower is I feel like you’re like crumbling around you is necessary I feel like that broken heart is necessary so February we.

Hermit the Hermit is a very spiritual card the Hermit is that aspect of you that needs to be analyzed that needs to be.

Looked at within a small circle of light in front of you doesn’t have to be big sorry my phone turn it off I feel like that you really need to open yourself up to the idea that there are.

Parts of you that need to be healed February 2018 hmmm high-seas February 2018 being the Hermit analyzing everything around you that’s a lot of cards the very bottom of the deck is the fool so we have still sitting.

Up in your head we have the eight of swords and we have the nine of swords still sitting up in your head we have the two of Pentacles we have justice we have the double again this is the Capricorn card as well we have the three of swords.

We have the ACE of swords we have the ace of cups we have the magician we have the star we have the seven of Pentacles and we have the two of.

This broken heart could have been from a Capricorn you could have broken each other’s hearts because it really seems like to me that you’re still really stuck.

Up in this you’re wanting to have balance but you’re juggling do I juggle my Pentacles do I juggle my love life what do I do here again this may be the Capricorn card but it is also your shadow.

Side and this is a very aspect of having to look within having to heal that part of you these are moments in your life the ace of swords and the ace of cups where you finally realize maybe have that conversation.

Here the one that you needed to have in January but you finally have that conversation here and then you can begin to heal this could be an emotional time and emotional relationship comes into your life after you begin to heal from this broken heart you’ve been manifesting you’ve been watching your seeds grow you’ve been looking and hoping and waiting for your wishes to come true and I.

Feel like if you sit and think about this and you talk it out what you need to talk out and not sit up in your head too long as the Hermit you can.

Start here you can start that new beginning you can be patient while you start that new beginning here’s the Hermit again could be a Virgo we have the chariot moving forward nine of Pentacles four of cups this is being alone with in your thoughts so yeah it looks like to me that you may be the hermit for a little too long because we have a lot of cards that represent Virgo in that I always say the aid of swords and the nine of swords are the.

Quintessential Virgo cards March the world be ending a cycle I don’t want to hear it about the diet coke please.

Everybody has their Vice ending a.

Cycle coming to a new beginning knowing that you can start over knowing that it’s not going to be so hard but when the tower Falls and when you have to heal and you look within at that shadow side of you of course the.
Cycle ends of course you start over you think there was a car that.

Flipped over in here let me see if I can find it if you ever watched Tyler stare oh I love it he always says I have the singing Tourette’s I love it when he sings I think.

It’s awesome he cracks me up so we have I was listening to him this morning he was just making me.
Laugh um king of swords we have the three of.

Ones we have the world we have the seven of swords we have the seven of Pentacles two sevens and we have.

Temperance so running away with your thoughts as you watch your seeds grow we have the world twice this is a big month for you to end that cycle to start a new beginning 3 of Wands if there is an air sign in your.

Life somebody who’s very straightforward very rational if you have air in your chart you are being patient as you are being straightforward and rational try not to be too.

Blunt right bottom of the deck is the queen of.

Wands fire sign again we have the six.

Of swords we have the queen of Pentacles we have strength which is the lio card so we have Sagittarius and Leo here with that fire sign we have the.

Death card Wow we have the chariot we have the four of Wands and we have the.

Wheel of fortune bottom again is the ADA Pentacles which is rebuilding there’s a lot of major Haqqani here let me just show you all of this major arcana and then we end with stability.

Could be with an earth sign could be with the fire sign could be with an air sign but we end up with lots of stability.

The Wheel of Fortune moving forward check this out see what I got here all of this all of this major arcana here let me put it the world the.

World patience strength the wheel of fortune March is a really big month for Pisces so I want you guys to.

Keep an eye out for whatever is happening in March to you my head is a little cut off there I’m such a Virgo okay just the little details I feel like I was kind of snappy to a friend of mine yesterday because I’m like um virgos we do Grandma so April is the magician right know what’s going on here.

Okay the magician in April manifesting that new beginning manifesting that new reality knowing that you can move forward in a way that you want to.

Move forward that you are looking right so oh let’s see here move it forward manifestation making things by the end building things.

By hand building a very stable life the four of ones I’m getting a message I’m trying to think of what it’s saying speaking of getting messages the page of blondes and the seven of cups.

So you’re looking at all of your options page of ones is really looks at everything here’s everything looks at all the details looks at all the fine print if you have options in April please please please make sure you are looking at all of the details right we have the king of Pentacles and earth sign we have the double could.

Be a Capricorn we have the nine of Wands.

Are you fighting with a Capricorn seven of swords this capricorn keeps.

Showing up if you do not end the cycle with the Capricorn or the earth sign whoever it may be if you do not look within your shadow self and see what needs to change within you and you’re only thinking about walking away if you feel like you’ve been begging for affection or they’ve been begging for affection you really need to look at your options and take a leap of.

Faith I feel like this person you and this person have been arguing and fighting you haven’t been getting along it’s not the stable atmosphere that you want to have ten of swords a completion card the star the nine of Pentacles yes growing your life alone but still growing and.

Four of cups the bottom of the deck is the chariot again the chariot the two.

Of Pentacles the ten of Pentacles another completion card the empress which is springtime and we have the king of sorts so Pisces let’s look.

Details you’ve been wanting to move forward for quite a long time I feel like you really need to stop fighting this you really need to make the effort to take the.

Leap of faith and move forward the stability aspect you’re.

Looking at your options anyways manifest this reality for yourself if there’s an if there’s an air sign helping you if there’s an air sign that is helping you move.

Suggest you take that opportunity to do so so May.

Is judgment letting the universe guide you in a way that isn’t controlling in a way that pushes you to your destiny what is the universe one for you what is your purpose you always have to ask it out because if we do not move forward in your purpose.

That’s how are going to come back right so the worlds that cycle is coming back around again did you go through that karma with the.

Wheel of fortune and what was it February or March March that was the big month for you March is the big month for you so did you go through that karmic.

Back around and start it again we have the queen of swords there’s the air sign standing her ground looking really regal there is a bowl there if you known as protecting her but the world is telling me that there’s this psyche whoa.

Wow that was really clumsy there’s this cycle that needs to and it’s needed to end for a while and if you keep clinging on to whatever you’re cleaning on – mmm I feel like you need to be a.

Little more rational about it I’m not seeing a lot of cups in this.

Seeing a lot of contemplating but we have talked about how Pisces does take on all of the signs that precedes them right so we have the strength card which is Leo we have the earth sign again Taurus Capricorn Virgo we have the seven of sorts again and we have the page of cups again you guys saw me shuffle but I feel like this cycle continues – and continues and continues bottom of the deck is justice eight of cups the Hermit the 10 of Wands and the.

Emperor this is taking control of your life we also have the two of cups here this is taking control of your life the Emperor being in control being I feel like maybe either you or somebody else is being sneaky and possibly manipulative.

And continues to go through the cycle over and over you need to walk away from those things that are no longer serving you this is a burden you need balance you need to think about what’s going on an exit get it out of your life.

Because the universe is guiding you in a way to start this beginning and it just continues and it could have to do with love so dude love whatever cycle that you’ve been going through you know sometimes things just aren’t what they seem you know so the lovers in June this big relationship rebuilding the eight of Pentacles death could be a Scorpio you’re dealing with the Sun could be allele and we have the 3 of Wands taking flight moving.

Forward going in a favorable direction being.

Free feeling like you can soar King once that could be Leo in your life or it could be a statutory Asst or in Aries that was a lot of cards that came out everybody’s been vomiting cards to me Oh people hate it when I say that sorry on the bottom of the deck we do have the chariot we have the nine of cups we have the knight of Wands we have the knight of Pentacles we have.

The queen of Pentacles again we have the ace of cups and we have the star it is this queen of Pentacles your wishes and dreams but you.

Feel like this whole situation all the time is in and out and in and out and in and out does there need to be a transformation within you within the other.

Person within the relationship is it going very very slowly with the knight of Pentacles because I feel like you think that this is your wishes that this is your wishes that you could be emotionally abundant however they keep coming out like you want to fly away from it it’s like.

You want it but you don’t you want it but you don’t you want to move on with the chariot the three of cups the ACE Pentacles the five of cups it’s so back and forth.

Pisces what’s going on it’s so back and forth you know like you want to have this stable beginning but it makes you really sad but with the three of cups you want to celebrate have the spiritual aspect but you want to move move away with the chariot could be a cancer that has earth or fire in there chart nine of Pentacles permit and the tower if you don’t complete.

This cycle if you don’t move on you must be alone and build your life right you’re like this cycle will continue through the first half of the year we all.

Have free will this can be changed but your tower moment is going to happen again starts at the beginning of January and in June with the tower moment again it could be with a relationship that you cannot let go of that comes in and goes out and comes in and goes out that could be you or the other person so again we all have free will this can be changed it doesn’t have to be that way right I hope I hope I hope you guys have a wonderful December I’ll be back.

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