Traffic traffic I’m in some traffic traffic traffic I’m in some traffic I’m driving to get lunch with Colleen she texted me and I seen it at lunch cuz I’m really cool I just posted a episode 1 of a new series I want to do which is the bucket list thing if you haven’t checked it out go check it.

Out I want to do things on other people’s bucket list because why not and it seems fun so I hope you guys like.

It I’ve been wanting to do it for like a couple months now and I just never got around to doing it and then my agent was like hey I got you a brand deal and I when I do brand deals I want to make the videos fun so that you guys don’t.

Get mad about it so I was like that’s it I’m starting I’m starting the series so being for young Brandi owes a lot to the series and oh boy you guys like the series when I post this I think tomorrow I’m going to post a new.

Merch shirt that I’ve been working on I get ideas and then I’m scared to do them because.

I’m scared no one’s gonna like them cuz I put out a shirt a while ago and literally no one bought it I was like nevermind crawl back into my hole so I’ve.

Been scared to put up much sense so that’s all and I put the camera down cuz the traffic let up but now I’m going fast when what does this mean truth lips the heart like water refreshes thirst truth lips the heart like water refreshes thirst it doesn’t mean anything truth that’s not.

The heart no trick is let’s do it yeah maybe don’t look that great but it couldn’t lift their heart and lift it and.

Make their whole day better yeah but you could say hi I cheated on you and your heart is broken lunch was fantastic and now I met my second home you you can’t see it it it’s Home Depot I’m at Home Depot so we’ve been staining this is.

My desk not this this is these are sawhorses and when I originally made them people were very confused as to what a sawhorses it’s just something people use when building to like it makes a table kind of like I’m staining.

This and nothing around it gets gross from the stain that’s what the sawhorses do but yeah we’ve been staining I originally wanted a little darker but I wanted to use this oil and is this dark as this oil went it’s a danish oil you don’t care don’t know why I’m telling you.

Yeah these are my two parts so this these tops will go on to this bottom except it will be in my office not in the middle of my living.

Hi please stop giving me that model look he gets a surgery on Monday we haven’t told them yet have we blaze no because you never vlog mom what did.

Going well he’s well we are both going but he why do you always act like I’m the most boring person alive huh he goes in Monday morning I drop him off at 9 a.

and he has to stay there overnight he may.

Even have to stay two nights I’m hoping it’s only one night and they’re cutting him I’m sure where you’re having your surgery so his sinus pockets right here where his little eyebrows are you’re being very rude so he.

Cuts his there’s back doors are shot on my face Larry so right here so you know he has that line that goes up his nose they cut right here and then he’s moving the skin over drilling into the sinus pockets on both sides so he moves the skin over drills a hole here the skin over drills a hole here and so the surgeon does and.

Then the some other person comes in and cleans out we put tubes in his holes they clean out the fungus because there’s fungus in his sinus pockets they clean it out.
Weightman in and then if all.

Goes well they sew him back up and all the way or else his head would expand because if he breathes.

In air and it goes into his sinuses it would come out into the skin in this forehead so.

We have to not so him up all the way leave a little hole and then I think it just heals up I don’t know they said I’ll have a scar right here but it won’t be that noticeable because he has a.

Strip already goes up his nose no no he knows so it’ll blend in but it’s he said it sounds more intense than it is and while it’s not super common to happen in China California it common in a lot of other places usually and it would not with this breed or with German shepherds and basset hounds thank you you guys didn’t know.

He has a fungal infection and it’s a sinus pocket things yeah right yeah we do and it’s causing a massive drip egde and crust these on his nose it looks good today some days are better than others but anyway if it.

Leaves untreated it could go through into his brain and murder him so you thought that was boring I’m talking about murder and surgery and you’re bored it’s happening to you you know cuz of your nose look how Roz noses because.

He’s constantly licking it cuz it’s goop keeps coming out of his nose I’m just looking yourself you really come on bro come on I’m trying to be slightly interesting not know well this is a massage thank you just a casual but lick we finished staining the desk.

It’s stained and drying it looks pretty good for our first project I give us a real big a for effort it was like our first big furniture project I mean we’ve done renovations to the house and stuff but that stuff doesn’t have to be like.

Perfect if L could be filled in with like caulk and stuff furniture is a definitely more delicate project and I give us an eye for effort I’ll show you guys a little bit right now I have to basically clean out all this junk cuz that’s where the desk is going.

Okay so I’m making piles but I’ve emptied out that and I emptied out this entire.

Drawer that’s really white but I’m keeping this thing cuz this slides under the desk I’ve made and uh I have organized my fullest abilities this.

I think it looks pretty good okay so here’s my desk it’s not 100% done yet these aren’t connected this these slabs aren’t connected so there’s I got a you know gotta.

Put that together but this is it so that’s the only thing that really.

Needs to be done right place.

Is your dad vacuuming in the other room you’re very happy about this so yeah this is uh this is.

The desk moves it there’s a dog that’s size reference 85 pound dog desk you’re big you’re very big yeah in a good way there’s no really wrong way though love you.


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