Thank you very much for the introduction and thanks for the invitation to come to Finland my first trip to Nordics I’ve survived the jump into the lake last night I was worried but I survived the cold temperature they put me through but once in Finland always in Finland okay so my story’s really good talked about my work ground.

Last three or four years – how we redefined clinical interaction how we I guess disrupt improve change healthcare for the Belet use the technology so I’ve been playing around with many many devices and technologies and I’ve been producing my own hologram to the world quite recently.

So the first thing I wanted to do is actually meet my hologram the virtual Shafi are mid-volume to everybody well this has been.

Based let’s get back home – again let’s just go for that you can hear it properly thank you ladies.

And gentlemen the doctor patient and doctors – relationship has been based on direct human contact using the senses of sight touch and sound to enable the transfer of both knowledge and.

Wisdom we’re now entering the metaphysical world whether the convergence of technologies that are going to redefine human interaction we’re all global citizens who can both impact the world individually and collectively by connecting our minds so if we kind of go back a few years work klaus schwab who’s the World Economic Forum chairman talks about this concept before.

Industrial pollution or the fourth wave he talks about medicine round now the verticals and technology whose medicine has got many technologies coming together at the same time all of these evening.

I’m sure spoke about yesterday and today impacting healthcare at the same time we’ve never had such riches in medicine this is probably and I tell my medical students and my trainees the most exciting time to be alive in medicine I remember 25 years in surgical practice but we’ve never had this kind ecology impacting together and converging.

To both impact education and health care and outcomes for our patients obviously.

You have to understand that kind of the the exponential growth in technology it’s about computing we’re going through an exponential phase where now we’re thinking really fast rapidly how to kind of implement technologies very quickly we’ve been.

Linear for a long time and our brains are kind of linear motion thinkers we don’t.

Really think exponentially we go change half case evolving if you don’t change yourself you was stuck in with tradition as a tradition because important medicine sadly steeped in both dogma and tradition we don’t want to change we don’t want evolve we’re happy as we are in a clinical practices so I ask the audience here how many of you hands up want to be mediocre Matthews please hand up Mathi but surprisingly norm foster hands.

Mediocre because we don’t we don’t kind of question the threats of dogma tradition unless you challenge every day by definition you are mediocre and you obsolete before you know it so were.

You gonna change your mindset every day they had a change little practice how to.

Improve how to make things better because you can’t sit still especially we sometimes have been quite rapid what I qualified of course we took.


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