So I approached them and fully expected for like the decline he said I was lucky to win so he’s here tonight dr. Benjamin was they are meeting physician courtesy internal medicine when he got out of the military he grows up to be a series of 16 years American Public Health Association the largest Association of its type in the.

For professionals but more importantly it has been a consistent voice well good.

Um Randy thank you very much for for allowing me to be here I can just tell you the flight in was easy and it’s absolutely beautiful this time of the year so I’m really glad I had an opportunity to come and spend a few.

Hours with you today let me just start I’d like to define things so let me talk about the definition of health I absolutely love the World Health Organization’s definition of health because it is holistic in nature you know as an emergency physician it’s painful to know this because it’s certainly much larger than what I did when I was practicing medicine but it’s an.

Important definition because it aligns physical mental and social well-being as a collective to define what we view as health.

And for those of you who have not seen this definition before I just didn’t encourage you to do so it’s been around since about 1948 and frankly is the definition that the whole world uses when they.

Describe health now as we think about that through the u.

context we certainly spend much more as we know than any of the other industrialized nations in the world and we don’t get the best outcomes simply put we spend almost twice.

And we die sooner and that’s a real challenge because that tells you that no matter how much money we’re spending we’re really not organized and utilizing our resources in a manner that other nations with far fewer resources do each and every day and so you know we like we’re competitive nation so we’d like to compare ourselves at other places and the Commonwealth Fund.

Fairly recently tried to take a stab at the the things the big buckets of things that help define us differently than other industrialized nations I think the most obvious one to all of us is that we don’t have universality in terms of healthcare coverage we are the only nation in the.

World the only nation in the world does not have universal coverage for all of its citizens now understand that does not say single-payer that.
Does not define any particular model but.

Does tell you that there’s lots of ways to get it to get universality and I continue to argue that there is no way for us to achieve being the healthiest nation until we have.

A system with everyone in and nobody out because it’s leaky you know it’s leaky in a variety of ways secondly we focus a lot on acute care now this is this.

Is the place to be if you crash your your dodj if you fall off a roof if you have a chronic disease and you get very sick this is absolutely the place to be for that no question about that this was the nation that I want to be at if I get sick the only challenges that we really don’t invest in the stuff that really makes a difference you know one of the things about being an emergency physician is that it’s real clear to.


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