It hooks daily lines blog for October to 26 2018 I have not actually spoken to you for well I guess since Sunday because on Sunday we taped the the Corey episodes and the one with my brother and apparently big numbers for Corey a case well Corey is uh I mean he’s got something that mental health people want right.

You want more Corey lines we don’t you you want Casey Lansbury to you want me to grab the stick right there and turn it around no that would never have well also it’s not live you just.

Go okay well fine I’m done uploading it so who cares so we we received we receive a lot of private messages and I try if I’m gonna discuss them.

To make it general so you’re not invading anybody’s privacy so received a message from a sibling of a person that struggles let’s see if I can make this gentle enough and the point was that the sibling has struggled.

With a mental health challenge and the sibling has has kids and their father has been very intolerant of her of her coping with her depression in particular and finds it unacceptable.

That this person can’t parent the way you would if you were mentally healthy and all of the things that that means and I was thinking a lot about it like what should you say to the father in that situation and I was thinking to to my parents and my mom who wants you know asked me the question like depression I understand you know what what is it that you’re depressed about which is which is not which is not evil it’s just.

It’s just lack of knowledge and perhaps it’s generational as well so here’s what I think you should do I think you should talk to your father and say look we have to.

Start from scratch you need to be educated now I don’t need to be educated I understand no.
You need to understand this because a lot.

Of people are relying on you for support and not only are you not supporting this person but you are actually tearing them down so what.

We’re gonna do is we’re gonna do a little a little seminar here dad and we’re going to spend an hour together five different times and each time I’m going to come in and I’m gonna.

Present to you information that I have found on the Internet I’m also going to show you a video blog from a guy who talks about this and even though he’s gonna be talking.

In generalities he’s going to be talking to you and you know what he understands why you don’t understand but Dad think of this if you love your child and you love your grandchildren.

And we know that you do think about the idea that if your child had a physical illness would you abandon them would you get angry at them because they.

Were having chemotherapy and they were sick and they couldn’t do the parenting that you wanted them to do of course not it’s easy if you put it in that context but what you have to.

Learn is that mental illness is a what case sickness not a not a weakness and to the father who thinks that so does half of the population of this.

Country it is that profound it is that deep it is that entrenched and we.

Compete the stigma but first you got to admit it.

To the stigma so dad if you’re watching this the first thing you have to do is you have to say these words you’re ready I.


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