A whereby wiretap helps remove barriers and unleash collaboration by providing near real-time visibility and control into the unstructured data that exists within work stream collaboration the aware data management module is a data governance solution that helps service aids-related at records retention records management and even regulatory compliance needs like GDP are through artificial intelligence and dynamic policy creation that’s.
Closely aligned with the culture of your.

Company our technology can help identify risky behavior insider threats and even cultural issues like harassment and discrimination that might exist within work stream collaboration Human Resources will see immediate value with this technology as.

They can leverage it to gain real-time insight the employee sentiment across their organization security and compliance can leverage this technology to safeguard against data leaks identify threats and ensure adherence to industry regulations and as our technology removes barriers corporate communications and collaboration professionals will see a bigger return on their investment within work stream collaboration ultimately with our vision at wire tap and the investments that.

We’re making into our product we’ll be able to predict human behavior and allow enterprises to make more informed business decisions that will create enormous value for them.


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