How to Stop Hair Fall with Simple Home Remedy | Hair Growth Tips Tamil Hello friends.

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Both men and women wish that their hair should be thick and strong.
Our hair is made up of protein and due to the lifestyle we are affected by protein deficiency which causes hair loss.
How to prepare a protein mask at home and stop hair fall.

Break 2 eggs and pour it in a bowl.

I have normal hair so I am using the both yellow and white parts.
Use white part if you have oily hair and yellow part if you have dry hair.

Increase or decrease the quantity according to the length of your hair. Egg contains proteins and vitamins which helps to prevent.

Hair fall and for regrowth of hair.

And gives a soft and smooth look for your hair. Some people have hair loss due to body heat and the curd we use cools the.

Body and prevents hair loss. Curd cures dandruff and prevents hair loss and protein present in it promotes your hair growth. The mask is ready and apply this egg mask in the same way.

Apply on your scalp and hair. Wash your hair after 30 minutes. Some people doesn’t like the egg and curd smell then wash your hair with little amount of shampoo.

Required amount of shampoo in a mug, mix little water and then apply on your scalp. If you apply shampoo directly on your scalp, if dries your scalp and leads to hair loss.

Hair see to that the water is not too hot or too cold. Using hot water makes your hair dry. Apply this mask weekly once and wash and clean.

Your hair before applying this mask.


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