Welcome to stinger diabetes in the North Jutland and Alba University Hospital research has a prominent place in steno diabetes and uh North Jutland we focus under the specific needs of people with diabetes decentralizing healthcare delivery and prioritized digital health in terms of technology and big data Auerbach University Hospital has shown the bone fragility and fractures are a common.
Complication of diabetes and we.

Are at the cutting edge of bone and diabetes research we do research within bone.

Quality bone structure born microarchitecture and bone turnover bone scans that is DEXA scans quantity of CTE advanced miche’s of bone turnover as well as body composition we also do research.

On postural balance in order to investigate the risk of force and thus the risk of fractures diabetic neuropathy is a key research area in.

The steno Diabetes Center our main focus is on the diabetic foot Charcot arthropathy and diabetic gastroparesis and also painful diabetic neuropathy and they very often result in very poor quality of life for these unfortunate people suffering we are utilizing advanced imaging techniques.

And a number of other research and data-driven technologies to.

Assess these late complications of.

Diabetes and the overall aim is to reach robust clinical endpoints that will result in.

Better clinical care and perhaps even more importantly in better clinical trials and outcomes of these the diabetic foot is a major challenge globally our borg university hospital has been running a multidisciplinary foot center since 2003 and with the steno Diabetes Center it is being greatly reinforced on a research and data driven platform we aim to reduce the frequency of.

Amputations and to lower healing times efforts in the area of the diabetic foot include focusing on the Shaco arthropathy and we have a great history in the.

Steno Diabetes Center looking at bone and we’re currently setting up a number of PhDs that is a ph.d program in this area diabetic asthma rhesus is another neuropathy driven complication and at times it affects people very badly affecting.

Quality of life it also affects glycemic control and it affects drug absorption our gastroenterology department has a number of innovative methods with which we can assess these complications the transition from childhood to adulthood can be challenging and diabetes can lead to even bigger troubles in this period of.

Life the clinic of transition at the steno Diabetes Center is a multidisciplinary team of experts from both the pediatric and adult diabetes teams that supports adolescents in their handling of diabetes during this.

Especially vulnerable period of life individualized treatment programs are being planned taking the wishes and needs of young patients into account digital solutions also make tele.

Health care and consultations over distance possible this is in high demand by younger patients and may even be able to replace some scheduled visits to the hospital the new albergue University Hospital is now under.

Construction and the steno Diabetes Center will move into new state-of-the-art facilities for diabetes treatment in 2022 our vision is to improve the quality of life and the lifespans of people with diabetes to create a coherent treatment close to the citizen.

And to hold the increase of.



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