This morning five new cases of Zika virus have been now detected in Jaipur cases of Zika and Rajasthan have been on the rise since January 2018 with 140 cases now being reported so far of the total 140 patients that were infected 131 have recovered from it Rajasthan Health Department had set that mosquito fogging has been done in the.

Are wincing getting us an update on what other measures are being taken by the Health Department Arvind so this is was becoming a big challenge for the Health Department considering the fact that they have been rising number of cases of Zika virus in the state of Rajasthan five.

New cases coming in from Jaipur this time continues to be critical in Jaipur and 140 decapping impossible patients have been so far reported with include few of you pregnant women also buttwater Health Department in Japan is now filming that around 130 of the patients have already.

Being killed off with Zika virus and few of the pregnant ladies who’ve become a vision.

And imposing another cariocas indigent area in Jaipur where most of these cases have been reported so all people are keeping their single source they are doing their baby to the market also as you know that spread of Zika virus so clearly the efforts and screaming have been going on but.

Whatever social sensors that Health Department is not giving the clear picture of the situation on the ground and they are hiding something because they were unaware of the situation because.

Developing in Jaipur regarding Zika virus.



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