Hello my name is Peter Benson I’m a senior researcher and team leader at stinger after motion research I am focusing on early prevention of entities working with children and young people in schools and local communities what are the proton powered my priorities for the UNESCO chair or my priority is to break down barriers between education and health trying.

To make the two fields disciplines work together both in research in policy and practice all my priorities.

I have three priorities one is research another one is impact real impact on policy and practice and a third one is I’ll be responsible for an intervention project focusing on prevention of NCDs drawing on health promotion principles and health promotion approaches and I’m looking very much forward and of course it’ll be in collaboration with the rest of.
The chair what are the best avenues for insidee prevention I really.

Course perspective when you try to print in CDs I really believe that we have to start already focusing on the young focusing on children and young people trying to make them a part of the solution so try to empower children and young.
People to affect their own health but also the health.

Of the families and the health of the local communities in the intervention project we will try to use a participatory approach global working with the countries all over the all over the.

Globe trying to impact an influence life ecosystem of children working with schools were in the local communities working with the families and working with the healthcare.

Professionals I’m very much forward to the collaboration and as I said I really hope we can break down the barriers between education and health in a synergistic and holistic manner thank you very much.


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