So guess what I just did I just changed my Instagram bio from it used to be like photographer and vlogger like I don’t even know it was a blogger and it’s a daily track but now it says photographer and youtuber and then has a link to my channel ok good morning guys today we have a homeschooling day which.

For those of you who don’t know about how our school works it’s like harshly homeschool partially at school so today’s a homeschooling day and I wanted to take a second to talk about something that’s been on my mind so if your I know a lot of people don’t like it when we talk a lot so.

If you’re one of those people you can fast-forward this part and get to the action but I wanted to talk about the settling in and dealing with a chronic illness Aspen was diagnosed about probably a little over two and a half years ago with type 1 diabetes and it has taken much longer than I would have expected to feel completely myself and completely back into life the way it used to.

Be I think that you know when it first happened it was.

Really traumatic and it took a while and it took a lot of emotional energy for me to help Aspen walk through it because it was really emotional it’s like the coming to grips with the fact that you have a chronic illness and then the.

Grief of your life being different and you know there’s just a lot to process for a little human and or a big.

One for that matter and um I think that that took a huge amount of emotional energy from me and then there was just the stress of dealing with type 1 which doesn’t doesn’t ever seem to work consistently and it feels like you’re always trying to figure out how to do.

This and you know even though you’ve been doing it for a while you know some of it becomes routine others of it you’re just like I don’t know I can’t seem to get her blood sugar right ever and so you know that stress so yeah.

Over two and a half years and I feel like I had a moment the other day where I was like I I feel like my life is coming back to the place it was before diagnosis like as far as emotionally and just feeling settled and feeling more emotionally stable all that to say give yourself grace.

If you’re newly diagnosed or even if it’s been a year and a half.

Or two years or whatever or it might take you longer than two and a half years that’s about how.

Long it took us or me it is something that you need to be I think aware of and you need to.

Give yourself grace for and this isn’t just with type-1 there’s a lot of issues that happen in life and it could be chronic illness it could be something else that happens to you some sort of traumatic event or some sort of life change or whatever um I think for me I am just like I just expected myself to be okay after a certain amount of time it’s like okay um you know it’ll be fine after this.

Much time and and it was fine and we made it through and everything was good and we found joy in the times but the feeling of really like that emotional stability and that um like the the feeling that I was back to myself fully took a lot longer than I expected so um so I was just I just been thinking about that a lot lately because I’m starting to feel more alive again and more.


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