Well Aloha good morning good afternoon and good evening this is master Paul coming to you live from Honolulu Hawaii and today is Thursday is the 3rd of May I think it’s about 9 a. over here in Hawaii and today we’re gonna be focusing on some answers from above in my service I have been doing live streams quite a.

While and many of the people that follow on my live streams know that I do a form.

Of channeling it’s called divine flow and this allows.

Me to receive and speak information from beings of light and so today last night actually when I was focusing on the subject matter for today this is what I received that the perspective of the human.

Being is often very very very very very very limited I can vouch for that because I know my perspective is very very very very limited but the divides perspective is very 400 thousand foot view so to speak he sees and knows quite a bit more.

May have a very sharp or jaded perspective on the view from the divine might be quite different and so we’re gonna.

Be focusing on that perspective today and see if we can get some additional insights from the divine so last few days for me we’re a bit interesting on my body ended up for the first time in a couple years getting.

Some kind of bug decided to.

Lodge itself in my lungs so I have been using whatever is necessary to keep me above board of functional.

Because I can’t afford to stop on multiple levels that I don’t necessarily mean.
Financially it’s a lot of responsibilities and but so one of.

The medications for reducing inflammation caused me to stay awake for the last 48 hours not obviously something I was looking forward to last night and I got some sleep but it felt like a truck rolled over me this morning so if I look like a truck rolled over me well that’s probably why got more sleep but.

My body is still catching up so let’s see who’s joined us here today and please hit the share button welcome Pamela welcome Lisa prado Aloha Leticia Aloha and welcome to archana’s and welcome also to christen struck in Don Robinson welcomed.

To Christian Rojas and pretty welcome Rosita welcome Savannah and welcome lyndie Luba welcome Ilona welcome also to Kathy Arnold Monica Spiegel Aloha as.

Well too lisa is our yak so obviously people still are not aware of.

My Thursday livestreams maybe it’s a little off on their time zones but that’s okay let’s go ahead and connect our card soul to soul while.

Other people join and gather and then I will open the forum this will not be a personal question forum it’s not like why is my life so difficult kind of a question that’s that’s for personal soul readings this is a overview kind of like why are bad people bad and why are good people good and then we’re gonna ask the divine for an answer what is the reason for right we’re.

Gonna get some higher-level guidance here so that we can change our limited perspective okay let us place our hands in so light self service hand position close our eyes I’ll call in all the beings of light.

And set the foundation for today dear our beloved divine creator all layers of the divine down the source creation and all the beings light within serving including the angels healing angels Archangels the Masters and ascended masters guru Islam Asifa Saints all the Buddha’s all the Bodhisattvas but like Jesus and Mary Bluff taught me TOEFL Quan.

Yin there the soul of our individual heavens teams guides angels and saints dear the soul of our ancestors the soul of all of those that have served us we love you we honor you respect you and we ask your presence we asked us all of our beloved.

Divine to also be present today yes we asked some guided questions from you thank you thank you thank you we asked the source soul song of love peace and harmony to pleased or not and we invite all souls of all universes to please join us at this.

Time as we chant love peace and harmony to attune our hearts and souls to the Divine Dao the source and to all source to bring love peace and harmony so let us chat together one round.

For anybody new watching this for the first time this is a mantra and it is turn translated in over 40 languages and you can now download the app which is the easiest way to do this so when.

You go to your App Store love peace and harmony you’ll see the app very.

Fast and from there you can.

Listen to love peace memory all the time it’s beautiful so let us begin why.

Washing her early whoa name the.

Her Bhushan Shawn I think under che-cheung a big earner Shay I love my heart and so.

I love all humanity Toit hearts and souls together love peace and harmony love peace and.

Harmony huh how how thank you thank you thank you so thank you all for joining today thank you for sharing if it’s possible so the question for today is what would God think and of course with what’s into these shows that end.

Up on some group somewhere someone’s gonna have issue with the divine offering an answer through a human being that’s okay I never claimed the accuracy of the information I’ve been doing this for so long that I don’t really question it anymore it tends to.

Be pretty accurate guidance so I’m gonna go with that this is not for individual questions you know why does this always happen to me why are my relationships always so bla bla bla okay this is not those kinds of questions.

I open the forum up to questions that you’ve always wondered about any aspect of life any aspect of why things happen a certain.

Way in the world any aspect of why this that or the other about a belief system or about a sexual orientation or about children or about adults or about whatever might be right wide swath inquisitive some guidance on so that maybe you.

Can help adjust some of your perspectives the.

Forum is open for those kinds of questions I await what you might post and then I will connect with the divine and I will ask them to borrow my mouth and I will speak the words that I hear and we’ll see if we don’t get some further enlightenment from hearing.

That perspective my teacher one of the teachers have heard last night.

Said it’s kind of like the 40,000 foot view perspective there’s those that are very close macrocosmic micro managing and then there’s the above.

Perspective and I find it to be very different so I will wait to see your posts welcome Reena Singh.


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