The path so to speak anything can change this is important to understand as the curator of the universe I am not necessarily responsible for nudging it left or right as much as one might think it is a culmination of an entire team of everyone’s thoughts words and actions.

It is a collective creation so to speak and I am the moderator as a good way to put it and at the current pace and the current timeline with the current energetics this answer is correct what could bring about this shift faster or cause it to last more as.

Further awakening of the individual creation based beings that are collectively responsible for the entire creation the answer requires the listener to have a much higher perspective the listener.

Is required to further develop their understanding of the nature of their creative ability and the nature of the co collective creation ability for this to be easily grasped for the second part of your.

Question soul communication it’s will have a different form there is quite a few senses that have not been developed in humanity at this time most of humanity works with sight smell sound touch feel there are at least four other senses that will be revealed and released as enlightenment continues to expand and thoughtless transference of communication will be occur it will be much like if you could see you wind not the clouds.

If you could see wind wind is a collective of particles that.

Work collectively to move things around advanced beings.

Are much like wind they are collectively communicating without even a process.

Necessarily when you see the birds in the sky swarms and they make the beautiful colors and shades and shifts and movements like clouds in the sky that would be a physical representation of how thought communication would be occurring in the future but that is a very rough example whereas.

Wind represents a much more pure almost intangible representation of the.

Transference of information so in the short term yes soul language would be utilized but for the long term it would be substantially more pure how I’m learning a lot with.

This okay welcome candy welcome lolly okay Kathy asked when does our soul reincarnate and how is it determined where and when this occurs so that was spoken about already Angela welcome welcome Tina welcome Anita Clifton I answered that other question also when there are souls sign up for a specific reason those answers have been answered if not specific in general enough of spa see.

What is it purist purpose of our dreams I’ve already answered Miss Bossy a question I’m gonna go down a little further okay Marcin Martha siw what happens on here please umm that’s a general question okay I.

Want to ask about soul mate or twin flames okay so I will answer a general question for all souls on soul mates infants flame this is not specific to you Marcin so dear heaven gerrae bluff creator there the.

You please answer the question regarding soul mate and Twin Flames for everybody to have a farther and greater understanding look in a system at this time thank you thank you thank you yeah yeahyou I get this question more than you know when one thinks about a massive.


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