I’m Stuart Johnson I’m with family pharmacy and Aiken company pharmacy in Aiken South Carolina and we have been using welcome at services for about six-and-a-half years our experience with welcome line services has been fantastic we would recommend welcoming services to any any business any management team that’s looking to provide growth in their area welcome a service just provides.

Exclusivity in your market area which is unique and then it also.

Offers us opportunity in the pharmacy business that is built on relationships to create a lifelong relationship with new residents in the area without welcoming services those new residents would not walk through our door so the strategy of targeted new new people to the area it provides us that opportunity to hopefully create a lifelong relationship with new patients.

Important part of our business is trying to.

Figure out where our marketing dollars spending to target that is in the in the proper manner welcome that makes that easier than than any other marketing until we have they.

Offer a scanner app that when patient walks in the door and brings in their gift certificate it takes a half a second to scan those are submitted and then we are providing monthly reports that show every piece of data we need to show that we are receiving a high return on investment and then our.

Marketing dollars are being spent the way that any business center wouldn’t want them spin it hey there I’m brandy Johnson one of the pharmacists here at family pharmacy we are so happy to partner with welcomemat they’ve done such a great job at tailoring our marketing and helping us meet new people and we are so happy they’re part of our family here at family pharmacy you.


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