Oh my decency child so as I was saying first thing you do when you wake up in the morning before you brush your teeth you drink this concoction you don’t eat anything for at least four hours why am I saying this because the way that sodium bicarbonate is going to act when it enters your stomach the way it.

Is the way this baking soda eh-eh-eh-eh-eh the stomach lining of your stomach of yours girl it’s not funny baking soda I.

Got baking soda baking soda I got baking soda welcome back to my channel I’m so sorry that I’ve been away for over a week now I didn’t film last week because I was working.
On a video for you guys all right I.

An interview for you guys and I’m going to break that interview to you next weekend because I think that you guys seem to really enjoy watching my vlog on on weekends than weekdays so why not just give the people what they want yeah so I will be breaking that to you guys in army next week.

And I’m not going this weekend so to speak well it’s a Sunday so next week and I guess and I know you guys are really really really it’s introducing a new series called power to the puss I’m going to tell you guys all about it but I’m so excited about it it’s all about new culture.

You know newest African culture newest African traditions you know where culture maker is right so.

Our children’s children children will say what we did today is what is tradition they’re.

Gonna say our fathers fathers fathers our mother’s mother’s mother’s which would be us did this so what creates a new culture I can’t wait for you guys to see.

This groundbreaking interview that I’m bringing but yeah I’m excited about it so I’m really hoping that you guys have forgiven me in that spirit.

In this forgiveness let’s move on okay so what I’m drinking today is challah so.

Good make you want to slap your mama but don’t do that honey don’t do that the genius microphone bag excuse my Japanese honey what we’re drinking today is honey a ton of ginger and lime and I make this.

Drink every single fall and winter especially winter to avoid oh did I just baptize my oh I’m sorry guys but I make this drink every fall or winter to avoid getting the flu or to avoid getting a cold and it really really works of course I would have one cold I’m supposed to have one called maximum per winter right and one that’s done it’s done but with this starting off with this in the fall let’s see honey let’s see how you know how it goes I.
Any cold going forward I might.

Not catch any you know sort of cold and that that would be great that’ll be better I hate cold so I really really hate colds and when you know the phlegm the mucus gets into your throat and you have to call from you know huh anyways let’s not get into that.

So we are going to be doing a health another health series today and today I want to focus on a new discovery I told you guys two weeks ago when I was.

A little bit down on the livestream that I did I was a little bit but a little bit all over the place you know in terms of where my spirit.

Was and my heart was I was feeling a little bit off and I started a water fast with a number.


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