I met Kaelyn about two years ago and after hearing your speech burped via her YouTube videos and of course reading her book you know it just really had a pretty profound effect on me and I gotta say that you know she’s not really afraid to be vulnerable in the passion that she just has about her life and her.

Comes through through her inspirational message that she gives her words just really put things.

Into perspective for me and it just makes you really realize how precious are how precious our life and.

Relationships really are after listening to her speak I found myself with the.

Courage to face some of my own internal demons especially because when I was younger I had a lot of health issues I’ve also gone through the pains of starting a company and.

Sometimes those ventures bitch don’t work out so I guess I could really relate to her message you know we all think life is so unfair but after learning about some of.

The amazing things she’s accomplished with the deck that life is dealt her it just makes you think what’s my excuse you.


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