It’s summer the Sun is out and here in the UK we’re melting I’ve just gotten over the worst sunburn that I’ve ever had in my life so here are the tips and tricks that I used and learned how to deal with sunburn Yoel come take frequent cool buffs and showers to help relieve the pain gently pat yourself dry.

Leave some water on your skin apply some moisturizer on top to lock in that moisture this will help combat the dryness which will hopefully stop your skin peeling fingers.

Drops use a moisturizer that contains either aloe vera or soy this will help sooth your sunburn if swelling discomfort or redness gets worse consider using ibuprofen or aspirin to.

Reduce the swelling but do not rely on those pills to make you feel better drink.

Extra water sunburnt skin draws fluid to the surface of the skin and away from the rest of the body this will hopefully help you if you keep drinking water to stay hydrated and avoid dehydration if a day blisters do appear do not pop them they form to help protect the skin and heal it quicker do not go back into the Sun without sun cream and.
Keep the sunburnt skin fully covered until healed.

When and if the sunburn skin starts to peel do keep it moisturized this ensures that any dry areas get some moisture that needs sleeping will be painful before bed and sure you take a cold shower pat yourself dry moisturize yourself and if the pain is really bad take an entrepreneur ibuprofen and get to sleep quick if it’s on your back sleep on your phone.

If it’s on your left side sleep on your right it’s on your front sleep on your back simple so I hope these tips will help you heal and feel better with your sunburn remember to.
Always bring your some protection.

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