Good morning guys thanks for tuning into rules for rebels in today’s video we’re gonna be talking about Amazon merch and I have kind of a weird funny analogy today the title of today’s video is going to be what the deadliest catch’ can teach us about selling t-shirts on Amazon merch so you guys know that TV show The Deadliest.

Catch about the crab fishermen there’s a lesson we can pull from that TV show that’s gonna help you in selling merch shirts before we’re going to know that it is Friday guys the weekend is here in two it’s really kind of over crap overcast and kind of crappy here in Chicago and.

I’m super disappointed I ordered a paddle board from Costco the other day I wound up getting the the body glove performance of performer 11 inch inflatable paddle board showed up a day early in the mail yesterday and I was super excited to get out on it and I had some guys water proof in my crawlspace yesterday so couldn’t mind up getting out yesterday was hoping to get out today and it’s.

Super crappy but if any you guys are in the paddleboarding drop a comment let me.

Know it’s you know I’ve rented a lot of boards it’s you know kind of a sport that I wanted to get a little bit more involved with it and do a little bit more so I bought a board and I was really in the fence I wanted a hard board I wound up deciding on the body glove just for portability and said want to spend the.

Money and get roof racks and everything Tiffany you guys are thinking about getting a board you know maybe I’ll probably won’t post it on this video but maybe I’ll post it on another one of my channels if any you guys are interested in kind of my review of that board but without further ado getting.

With some people online about Amazon merchants the other day and somebody was asking like has anybody ever like gone from like struggling with.

Merch to quote-unquote getting it figured out and you know I think we all you know I think we all very few people are gonna start out and be successful right off the bat I think we all start off.
Kind of sucky and wind up figuring.

Out you don’t really know what what niches are gonna work you don’t really know what types of designs are gonna work I see a.

Lot of people who start on Amazon merch and they’re spending like 30 minutes or an hour out of design doing these really intricate designs and well the.
Shirt looks great I mean if there’s not a lot of demand for that niche like.

You just spent 30 minutes or an hour designing this amazing shirt that nobody’s ever gonna see or if you don’t do a good job of with your with your titles tags and descriptions you know yet you have this beautiful you designed but nobody’s ever gonna see it to actually buy it so I would definitely put myself along with probably most people in the camp of going from kind of sucking to getting it.

Figure it out my first year on Amazon merge had very little to no success a year and a half maybe even two years and you know maybe had.

$100 a month during December but then like the very next month I could be doing like $1 96 in sales and when I look over my sales history I.

Did in one particular you know I think over the course of about five months I had one month where I made a dollar in 96 cents and within five months of that I had a month where I made almost $600 and so I definitely do think you know yeah along with tearing up you kind of figure it.

So getting to this kind of Deadliest Catch analogy actually before we even get into that as we always say Amazon marches the numbers.
Game early on you should be focusing on.

Tearing up that’s not making money another great analogy for this is imagine you and I are having like a free-throw shooting contest right now let’s say you get 10 shots and I get a hundred shots even if you’re a much better basketball player a much better free-throw free-throw thrower shoot a free-throw shooter then I am probably gonna beat you because I have 10 times as many shots as you.

I think the same thing about it’s true with Amazon merge if you only have 10 t-shirt slots up you don’t have many chances to sell as soon as you get a hundred slots up okay now you got a little bit more real estate to work with and that’s what brings us to be this this Deadliest Catch example so if you guys member watch that show The Deadliest Catch I’ve watched it in a while I.

Used to love this show I don’t have cable anymore but what do they do when I when they set off in the dock they go to find kind of a general fishing area and then after that they just start stringing pots out right.

Then not in a small area they don’t go drop all their pots in one area they might travel over you know a couple hundred miles and drop a pot.

Every two miles every five miles every ten miles and after they make their little loop and drop all their pots across this huge.

Area what do they do they they swing back around and they start picking up the pots one by one and as they haul the pot up this five crab to grab three crab.

And eventually at some point they they pull up a pot that has like 40 or 50 crab right 50 crab we got a 50 crab.

This pot and then what does that tell them that signal signals to them that there’s crab in this area and that’s when they go you know circle around this one one specific area and start dropping pots all over here because it’s a pretty good indication that there’s probably.

Crab there well Amazon merch is a very same thing right like at least that’s kind of my attitude my strategy towards Amazon niche.

Amazon work niche Amazon merch people are like how do you find interest how do you find niches.

You try a bunch of different niches until you find something that gets a little bit of traction if you hit on a niche that winds up selling one shirt – shirt three shirts double down go really heavy on that and a lot of times I don’t want end up bringing you in a good number of sales you know right now I’m doing like last month in this month I’m I’m on track to do probably 800 to a.

Thousand dollars in sales I’m trying to think like it you know you know how when you log into merch and you see your dashboard this is how many sales in the past past seven days I’m normally floating between like 50 and 60 that’s all my shirts have full price pretty much all of them now if a sale comes through that’s not at full price I go edit that raisinet full price because at this point I’m not too worried about tearing up I.

Want to maximize the amount of money I’m making and I really don’t feel like pricing my shirt at fifteen dollars is gonna give me that many more sales than pricing at $19.99 but the amount of money I make off a small amount of sales is going to be a heck of a lot more charging full price than it is charging you know 50 cents or $1.
For a shirt so that’s really kind.

Of my tip my strategy and and I think what we can learn from the Deadliest Catch is built you know the same way that they spread pots across different areas try out a lot of.

Different niches when you strike on something that works Double Down go heavy on it and get a bunch of shirts up and then continue to experiment you know go drop some more pots see where there’s some traction and when a shirt sale or two comes through okay you know you’re on to something double down so yeah I mean like I.

Was saying you know right now I would say you know I’m selling a decent amount of shirts and there’s obviously.

People who are blowing my numbers out of the water but I feel like I’m doing pretty good especially for my lack of design skills and a little bit of time I’ve put into doing this so I’m pretty happy with my.

Numbers and everything and while I do get some random shirts in all different types of niches floating in here and there the vast majority of my sales I would say like 90% of my sales if not more come from one or two niches one ditches actually kind of.

Started dying out so I would say probably like 80% of my sales come from one particular niche 10% come from another and it may be the last 10% are just like random shirts that come through but you know so I wouldn’t say I’m especially skilled where I have some magic trick it’s just you know I stumbled upon a good niche but I did that by kind of spreading out running around my efforts.
Trying a bunch of different things seeing what niches got a little.

Bit of traction and then going really heavy on nose and and something I need to do I’ve kind of been reliant on these two niches and just been going to having on these you never know what a niche is gonna die out you never know you know eventually if you’re doing good there’s not a lot of competition competition is gonna come in so that’s kind of what I need to focus on.

Right now is kind of playing that Deadliest Catch game and just kind of sprinkling out shirts in different niches he would get some traction and then doubling down there and I think that’s how people get up to like the you know Glen of hustler hacks who doesn’t merge minds podcast I think that’s how he kind of gets where he is right you strike upon a niche you go hard at it you get that bring it.

In a couple hundred dollars a month and then you go kind of scatter out across niches find another one get that one bringing in a couple hundred dollars a month and as you kind of build this portfolio of good ditches okay this.

Niche brings 200 this this brings in 200 this one 200 this one 200 and before you even know you’re making like 500 bucks a month so I am at Dunkin Donuts it’s about my turn up in lines I better cut this video short but if you enjoyed it thumbs up subscribe if you’re not subscribed and I’ll catch you on the next one.


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