Aloha good morning good afternoon good evening this is master Paul very happy to be with you in this new year it is January 2 2 0 1 8 welcome to the future and today is a Tuesday everybody took the day off yesterday we all needed that extra time off and I can’t caught up on a few things and.

Took care of a lot of responsibilities and I’m present with you today to assist with additional guidance I offered this guidance as well on this last.

Week Thursday I offered additional guidance of the same nature and.

So today I will be serving those who did not ask questions before so that we can make sure and spread the the heavens guidance well I’m also operating on my computer laptop instead of me or my desktop instead of the phone.
Because one of the things that happens when you.

Have an active live stream is it Scrolls so fast on the phone you’re not you actually can’t go back and see questions so I hope that that won’t occur on the desktop we’re gonna.

Find out so today is the 2nd of January I think I already said that kind of settling in here huh need my water welcome everybody hopefully you had a great.

New Year’s hopefully recovered from the alcohol if you did go drinking mine was on the relaxed side we have a center here Master sha style Healing Center I spent most of the day there with some of the local team and we did a lot of local activities and service and then that night right around 15 minutes before midnight I went ahead and shot up some fireworks.

Waiting for everyone to gather let me connect welcome Sasha welcome Shelly Patricia welcome also LaRhonda Aloha Vanessa Aloha a major aid and Aloha and welcome Tony Samar welcome Jermaine larysa welcome Jessica and Elizabeth Carrasco Allah Kim welcome Kristen Rojas Aloha Kathy Arnold and welcome and welcome also Vanessa and Elizabeth Murray welcome Diana Victoria and let’s see that I’m missing Indy welcome Sharon Dodd Elizabeth asked for a shocker clearing at the end of today I’ll be doing a limited blessing you can ask for that.

If you’d like Elizabeth if you’d like a full-on blessing for your energy centers then contact me separately because there is an honor for.

You for that but I also don’t play around they do the real job welcome Diana and welcome also to Pat and I goat or nothing Angie Taylor welcome welcome Christy vigil vigil and Adrianna so good to see y’all here hopefully you had a great New Year’s so today was actually busy for me from the moment I got up we have a master sha has a chanting channel it’s called TV dr. Shah calm and that’s going through a facelift so when I’m not serving you I am serving the Institute to bring more of the soul wisdom.

To humanity so if you’d like to be more up to speed on some of the wisdom and teachings I do recommend TV dr.

Shah calm it’s got some great information it runs.

24/7 you can ask for complimentary.

Blessings and always make sure to offer.

Your gratitude okay so while people.

Are gathering welcome candy Cornett tell me about.

Your New Year’s any regrets and any resolutions today I’m.

Going to be asking and offering guidance and this will be for all those who have not received guidance on Thursday so that guidance is.


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