If you have friends that are 70 or older they need to know this about taking aspirin there was an interesting new study which indicates that you know what it may not be worth it anymore it’s called the Esprit trial it was published in the New England Journal of Medicine in September 16th of 2018 basically what they did was.

They they had a huge number of of participants 20,000 of.

Them a to two areas in Australia and the u.

in Australia was the Caucasian group and.
it was African Americans and Hispanic Americans they actually published two different studies because.

They had an interesting twist in terms of surprise surprises and the surprise was a couple of surprises the first surprise was the aspirin for this group this study group did not really improve the the health in fact they saw something different will answer that question and a couple of other interesting twists about this in just a minute but first day pardon me.

First day an introduction to me and the channel my name is fort brewer fo rd brewer bre wer i.
Started off as an ER doc got very.

Frustrated with the amount of preventable death disease and disability met patients brought in to the ER so I went to get training went to Johns Hopkins and ended up loving the program did well ended up running it and have worked with primary care Doc’s and patients in the 30-plus years since then.

Helping them understand and focus more on prevention as opposed to waiting till you get the disease and then trying to do something about it and that’s what.

This channel is about it it’s been well received we’ve got over 7,000 views a day and folks are tuning in to learn about what’s going on because the science of prevention is changing everyday again this study is a really good example things change now what happened.

And what was the big surprise actually they saw an increase in death related to cancer now they have some.

Inflation of the numbers to help spread these out and make it very clear but again this was a clear signal in terms of increased cancer rates now that’s never been seen and even the author.

Said look this has never happened they’ve done there have been tons.

Of studies in this area please be very careful and don’t over.

Interpret this the other thing they said was it was right along in in lockstep until you got to like three and a half years so if you’re over 70 and you’ve been taking baby aspirin for.

A few years or if you’ve been taking baby aspirin and you’re worried about this don’t worry too much just consider whether or not you want to continue taking the aspirin if you look at other images here at least on this part of the study they didn’t see a significant increase of major hemorrhage hemorrhagic stroke now they published another analysis of this in the same journal and and did see some some increase so there was some it wasn’t it was enough to be significant but not.

Not enough to get really upset about now here’s the here’s the other analysis and here’s the question so what are we supposed to do with all this the first the first study was all caused disability and the second one was all caused mortality I think the I think it’s way too early and I agree with.


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