Hey guys hey guys vlog in a car how are you how are you so it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these so this is Sunday afternoon I just wanted to wrap up a few loose ends over the week I’ve gotten ton of questions shot at me via email and YouTube comments and Instagram so I’m going.

To do my best over the next several days to answer them at some point in by spring I would imagine I think I’m going to set up more of a podcast type of situation where I’m going to discuss a few things a I’m going to be answering questions so I’ll probably list out all my questions and spend.

Might take me half an hour to answer questions and I will also discuss recent technology changes and I’ll give you my perspective going with my two decades plus experience as a.

Developer I’ll give you my perspective.

In terms of what I see in each of these technologies and.

Whether it’s something to pursue or something to consider although if you’ve been watching my vlogs you understand.

My general perspective is to you know keep your eyes open but not to jump down every rabbit hole every new tech that comes along but also I’m going to start really twisting this into twisting but I’m going to really start looking at this from the point of view of business that to me is the key to all this I started writing code in 1994 not to become.

A coder but because I wanted to build a site for my business which had nothing to do with technology and I still look at code I look at code as a tool for business owners to be able to get stuff done it it could be to build an app to be able.

To build a website it could be to automate processes and even back then it was such an important tool to me and I owe so much to coding today it’s even more pronounced if you.

Become an entrepreneur you want to start a business or you have a small business understanding code is such an important tool.

Set today I think it should be taught in any business course so that the business decision makers will at least have an idea of what’s going on in terms of the coding world so they can make more intelligent decisions about what type of software what type of software related tools that will implement whether they roll out their own or whether they hire certain people how they you know be able to talk to developers more intelligently be able to judge.

Their skill sets much more effectively to be able to judge the cost of projects much more.

Accurately if you have a bit of a background in coding so from entrepreneurial perspective I suggest every entrepreneur learn at least a little bit of.

Code and that would be primarily the web stock HTML is tuchis CSS a little bit of programming specifically so they understand server-side programming again not to become an expert but just so you understand it and grasp the basic concepts.

This will save any business owner any entrepreneur a lot of money a lot of headaches and will allow.

You to make a lot better business decision of course a lot of you listening to this blog now are you’re probably looking to become a professional developer whether you want to.
Get a job you want to be freelancer or maybe must write.


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