Hello I was it going willow Davis here don’t mind the landscaping going on outside my window oh my god really right now anyway today I wanted to look at something new a channel people wanted me to watch that I always said I couldn’t because it’s just too gross and annoying but I looked at it and it’s something I.

Think needs to be I don’t know addressed nikka kado avocado he was recently featured on tosh point-o although I’m sure Daniel Tosh wasn’t the friendliest of hosts to him but we’re gonna take a look at that too but first check out what he is known for his MOOC bonds I love cheese I like.

I love cheese I love cheese yes I do who sing with me now I wow this seems like something that I would love to watch and enjoy love cheese done we love cheese done I’m making cheese the door here we go.

Welcome to my eating show my Instagram is so big I have to cut the top office as you can see I have.
The extra large big dinner box where’s the eating I’d like to get to.

The eating please oh my god that that is reminding me so much of like high school and early college years with my friends pizza and did you know really cool fact Pizza Hut is actually this move by.
Itself Pizza is actually the world’s largest fast-food pizza.

Restaurant in the entire world it is the most successful and the largest I guess all those things go hand in hand don’t they so anyways I’m honoring Pizza Hut by doing this and I also have all these leftover takis and Cheetos which were spilling onto the floor um I had this yesterday oh no.

They’re still spilling and they’re still sitting here and they’re not stale they’re delicious and yummy love that that is literally me this is me like the first like two years of college but I just like hate it well if we just buy a bunch of shit and go play like Mario Party or something so pause the screen right now you’re gonna get so hungry I guarantee you pause this go get something to eat and come right.

Back so we can eat together I’m good Nick thank you let’s just appreciate this pizza one last time ohh mmm yummy so that one’s back there you don’t see it’ll be off-camera this I.

I can’t I’m hoping that he can at least get through cuz he got the big dinner box there’s also a regular dinner box if I remember that has half the amount of stuff III my my bet is that he’s not even going to finish half the stuff which will make the big dinner box completely irrelevant but I guess I guess we’ll see let’s see what you can do.
Nick and by the way I really don’t.

Mind the the friggin eating videos I’m not gonna criticize that if that’s what people want to watch and that’s what people want to make whatever it’s here it’s here I promise you it’s here d right in world-famous pizza hmm I’m gonna excessive amberlynn vibes right now you know I was vegan I thought was gonna be vegan forever I was about to get those bees put on my house you know be free vegan five years later I was like wait never mind nope oh wow this is this is gonna be.

Something that’s gonna tick me off isn’t it I don’t think that’s good for me what just fun but what does buck pong stand for and how did you get into it mukbang is well-known for eating broadcast I mean is that your eat the broadcasting while eating it started in South Korea when there’s this.

Big economy boom and everyone went to work at home I get when he’s got the fast and everyone was so busy with hectic lives and schedules that.

They came home and had no one to eat with so they were lonely so the trend started there excuse me I’d say like two years ago kind.

Of worked its way to the United States and I am the og I always won the first muckman channels yeah I’m sure you’re the first one that cacao yup set the pioneer of this whole thing there’s a few that all.

Popped up together but um yeah and I only did it because my friends shot to cosmic Kerry she was like Nick you gotta try this is at.

The time did it cuz you wanted to you mean I’ve always been a big eater she’s like you should do this just chat about your life and eat I’m like oh my god no one’s gonna watch me eat Kerry and I did it and lo and behold it was among my most viewed videos.
People kept requesting for it CJ.

Poole hi monster note and if any big what regrets switching from veganism to meat no absolutely not I’m so happy I got out of that mess so.

Easy for the people who are new to gone on a vegan diet they’re very enthusiastic.

Vocal and their loudest ones cuz they’ve only done it for a couple months or a year and they haven’t depleted their storages in their liver yet their b12 or their their vitamin DS bad that’s.

Such a that is bullshit what depleted the storage in their livers of b12 and.
Vitamin D you can take supplements of anything if you need.

Them if you haven’t found you’re.

Getting them in your normal diet you just take a.

Supplement it’s not like you’re just running out of things constantly the longer you go vegan misinformed or stuff like that it’s very easy be like oh you just didn’t do it right it’s like you know that’s a very black-and-white illogical uneducated response to give to someone omnivores how what are you talking about is it an uneducated illogical response to say maybe you didn’t do it right maybe you didn’t what what about your response is is logical and rational and.

A discussion point blank done it was a learning opportunity for me because back when I was a vegan for most of the journey not all of it towards the Anaconda stops but I was very militant just like all the others or many of them like rah rah rah rah like rah rah you’re a murderer Oh how.

Do you eat dead bodies that’s so gross until I traveled around the world I’m is it’s not about it’s never been about the dead bodies it’s more about the killing well you look such a fucking narcissist you can’t even get you can’t even consider that it might be about other things than yourself with all that in America I went to Guatemala I went to South America and I see.

People at the markets you know chip Chuck chip and shop at you know the cow literally yep it yank it off the leg at the market the open door open-air meat market and that’s just life and I.

Think a Western how’s that how’s that just life again well look you you’re like his the wait stalks is so manipulative he just like brings up counter points for like a split second and then just likes like cuz like and no and then doesn’t explain line moves on to something else it’s just like oh my god it’s how is that a part of life killing and hanging the thing upside down it’s not something you have to do.

In life well are the ones too you’ll see people in South America and Latin America going yes you bill there are some there but it’s very it’s way less likely than the ones who are removed from.

All of us in America and Europe in Australia where everything is packaged we have factory farms.

Awful just are disconnected from it but your great-great great-great grandparents had farms and they had hands and eggs and dead cows and it killed the cows and ate you know that okay there’s.

A lot there’s a lot of things that I think we should not follow and our grandparents footsteps on in a lot of ways a lot of things regarding society as a whole.

I think we can move on from hey our ancestors did this because there’s a lot of bad shit in there your grandparents did but as soon as we went into more like modern grocery shopping you get disconnected well it’s more of a shocker to you when you realize oh no someone died for that I just won’t eat.

It all in there and then you kind of go against your body’s design go ahead look dude look at the food in front of you are you kidding how is this your.

Body’s natural design look at the fucking pile.

Of fried dough oh my god what the fucking hot spices huh and I feel like it’s just an that’s why most people who do go vegan are like Californians people in the city people who have access to Whole Foods where they can get fruit.

Year-round that’s transported and shipped internationally because there’s no fruit where you live anyway well yeah oh no one else has access to fucking fruit but Californians and people in the cities oh look he’s this like spewing this shit I like honestly I came here to watch someone.

Some eating and not not this drama Nick we please get back to the eating that’s all I wanted just eating your fucking crap it’s a very um non natural diet really and on a natural diet look up everybody really.

And I feel very happy that I stopped yeah everyone’s unnatural damn look at look at that naturally at all and I’m never gonna.

Go vegan again I know people think I’m gonna go vegan in the future cuz I talk about it I talk about it cuz it was ingrained to me for half like a big core of vegetarianism ten years I was 21 when I stopped that was half of my life same with Orlan orink was vegan for ten years.

That’s a decade and I’m very glad that we got out of that because we opened up as people we matured greatly we we didn’t look at people for how they ate and don’t before the people say oh that’s just a reflection of you it’s like no it’s a reflection of most vegans.

I think I think oh great generalization about a group of people Thank You Nick yeah keep eating your fucking well the talkies are actually vegan I’m pretty sure that the certain flavor of them not the Cheetahs though.

And then maybe you want the breadsticks actually might be I remember but anyway yeah just fucking eat your top cheetahs until you get a stomach ulcer and fucking die.


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