Hey everybody this is how to raise a maverick and I am Emily Gaudreau the host and this is episode 170 if you are new here hello and welcome and if you are one of the tons of people that listen on the regular I appreciate you thank you and for the record I’m gonna do a little bit of a.

Retake on this I have I’m gonna be talking about body safety and I’ve done an episode on this before I know but that was it that was like a year ago and I listened to it.

And I think I would change it there’s things about it that I know now that I would change for sure so that’s.

What are we talking about today consider this an update I am gonna play some a clip from the previous episode that I did on body safety only because it’s super cute my five-year-old daughters in there and yeah I like it so you’re gonna listen to it but before we do that we’re gonna lay out what body safety.

Is why this is so important and then I’m gonna give you a step by step what to do to teach your kids body safety and how.

I do it so first of all let’s talk about why I don’t know it’s not the right order and if I said for you anyways we.

Talked about Y first so when it comes to statistics I want you to know and this is really super super super important to me that you guys understand my perspective on the statistics around sexual abuse because I researched this.

Stuff I have a file on my computer where I compile all the research that I have and I’ll tell you what there is so much fluff out there mostly having to do with companies who sell software to product protect against cyber predators telling you that the stats are this or that trying to instill so much fear in.

You that you buy their product I just want to know straight up the facts and it’s really hard to get them so I compile them and I find the most reliable that I can I don’t like to spread fear in mayhem.

That is not cool we need to cut that stuff out and I don’t want to be privy to that or part of it or.

So the statistics that I can say that I believe are that 1 in 5 to 7 that’s if you have a group of anywhere from 5 to 7 girls one of them will be sexually abused for the boys it’s 1 in 20 now the other one that I eat the other statistic that is a.

Believable because of the research I’ve done is 70% of all combined including adults reported rape cases are kids 17 and under that’s 70% of all the accumulated including the adults rape cases are two kids under the age of 17 so this is a big deal somebody told me the.

Other day Emily I think you’re being paranoid about.

This stuff and I’m not I’m really not I’m not paranoid I am very much.

A person of action paranoia doesn’t do us anything any good right I I envision a world I.

Have a dream of a world where kids are not sexually abused and I’m doing everything I can to stop that and.

One of the best things that you can do is teach your kids body safety I speak to parents because we’re on the ground floor of all of this the sex ed that goes on in school is not enough and it doesn’t happen soon enough sex ed and body safety should be taught in preschool daycare honestly as soon as your kids can talk you have to be teaching this in fact listen to this.


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