I was gonna say good morning good evening y’all so I am outside on the new what what rainbow throne that I got from this Lana and so I want to test this out I want to test the video quality I want to see if y’all can hear me good if y’all can hear that outside bugs can y’all hear.

That what what so this evenings topic is 11 best foods for your immune system and this is an article that I just ninja flipped and found on time.com hello Amelia Amelia says I need I need that now Tom I feel like well we’re gonna find out some immune boosting foods I know right now y’all I.

Got these I need you flipped over to Costco and I got these delicious blueberries for $6.99 in their delicious y’all you can eat them by the handful look and each one is different you will never taste.

A blueberry no blueberries have the same page at all look that one was like sour sweet hi Jacqueline so before we get going or before we start playing share this video like double da especially.

Into groups so here we go says 11 best foods for your immune system and this was written.

By Alexandra SIF Irlen and it says vitamin C has a reputation for being a feel-good nutrient so it will come as no surprise that this list is full of foods with high levels of it in the body vitamin C behaves as an antioxidant which means it protects cells from free radical damage consuming it also helps.

The body better absorb iron which is critical for normal immune system function I’m pretty certain blueberries are on this list and if they’re not I’m gonna put.

Them on the list hi Paul hi Tina hi Jennifer so it says although foods although foods high in vitamin C won’t stop your flu symptoms eating them.

Regularly may help prevent illness down the line there are other food there are other ways that foods fight infection and strengthen immune response grandma wasn’t wrong about Chicken Soup for example I don’t know about that the mixture of hydrating.

Broth healing herbs fiber protein and antioxidants makes that meal actually therapeutic you can go without the chicken too y’all just herbs herbs fruits vegetables.

Minerals you don’t need the chicken so the first one.

Which I’m really excited about because I just used a jalapeno from the community garden in RV again mac-and-cheese the.

Recipe from this rad ninja at an event we went to last week from nature’s food patch and actually got to play with my first real jalapeno from a real garden and it was delicious and we used that in our cheese.

Sauce so jalapeno jalapeno Alabama Alabama al append no peppers is the first one it says why they’re good for you jalapeno peppers jalapeno.

Peppers get their spice from a compound called Kappa sicken now you know I have a hard time with words capsaicin okay I think it’s capsaicin which is something of an all-star in the nutrition world capsaicin acts as an anti-inflammatory agent and may ease.

Arthritis symptoms some research suggests it can also keep your metabolism humming how to eat them add diced.

Jalapenos to your guacamole for an extra kick of flavor you can also mix these peppers into your favorite cornbread recipe watch out for those jalapeno seeds because if you put the seeds in it gets like extra extra.


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