I’m Joshua Bardwell and you’re gonna learn something today this is another video in my series about the beta flight arming status prevention status but you know when you can’t arm your quadcopter and you can’t figure out why this video is about that beta flight has a series of arming status prevention flags which is how it tells you why.

To arm it’s because it hates you it just doesn’t like you know there are always a.

Good reason and you can always find out what that reason is if you have not watched the very first video in this playlist then I suggest you go watch it if you’ve come here because.

You’re searching for a specific flag watch that very first video because it tells you how to figure out what flag is preventing you from arming and then you can watch the whole playlist if you want to because each of the.

Flags tells you a different thing about troubleshooting beta flight but you can also just focus in on the flag that you’re concerned with and the one that we’re concerned with here is load the load flag we’re gonna figure.

Out what that what that means and how to fix it the load army status prevention flag means that the cpu load on your flight controller.

Is too high your flight controller is just a tiny little computer and it’s got a microprocessor and if you ask it to do too much stuff it’ll slow down you know how your phone just get super slow sometimes it’s.

And it can’t keep up well if that happened while you were flying your quadcopter it would be really bad so the way to find out what your cpu load.

To do is to connect in the configurator and to go right down here in the lower left dish and you see here CPU load four percent and what we want to see is that number should be below about.

50 percent because this is the average when you’re flying it’s gonna go it’s gonna sort of spike and dip and if the average is above 50 percent then I wouldn’t personally.
Flying the quad but bethe flight will let you fly with higher CPU load.

I’m not sure exactly when it cuts off at a certain point though you hit a hundred percent and then you definitely well it will refuse to arm so if you’re getting the load arming status prevention flag what should you do and the answer to that is.

You need to ask the flight controller to do less work now the best way to do that is to reduce the gyro and the pig loop update frequency the flight controller I’ve got here is the kakuta f7 and that means that it is capable.

Of doing 32 k amazing yeah let’s do some 32 k guys okay watch what happens if I connect notice it says CPU load 100% and if we go to the.

Command line type status we get the load arming flag it’s refusing to arm and it’s refusing to arm because we’re trying to do 32k 32 k and that’s just too fast of a gyro update and pig loop the next thing to do is to reduce either the gyro or the pig loop frequency and you can go to 32 16 let’s see.
Boom immediately we’re at 25% right.

Now that that was all it took to get us down below and now I’m pretty sure we can go 2d shot 1200 and to turn on oh yeah so around a barometer magnetometer dynamic filter okay let’s do that stuff one one at a time so we can see what a difference it makes so the first thing let’s do is let’s go to D shot 1200 from multi shot and we’ve gone from about 25% up to about 30% so just a 5% increase there and if we enable the dynamic filter I do think we see.

A fairly big jump there now we’re at 36% I wonder if that’s because we’re not actually flying no no that didn’t actually go up at all that’s I’m surprised about that we might try arming.

The quad and see if the cpu load changes and then we.

Can enable the accelerometer barometer and magnetometer so if we so desire and now we’re up to 43 persone up a fair whack there actually that’s interesting about 10% jump there by turning this if I’m I’m really surprised that I didn’t see any difference with the dynamic filter that’s not right because I know the dynamic filters fairly processor-intensive so those are things you can do to try.

And adjust your CPU load if you’re getting the load warning but to be honest with you the thing you’re gonna mostly.

Do is you’re gonna change your gyro update and your pit loop frequency that’s especially true if you’re running on an f7 on an f7 all these other things they make just a small little 5 or 10% difference but you could see we went from a hundred percent down to 22 percent with like 20 percent utilization by going from 30 to K pit loop to 16 K pit loop if you’re running on a board that doesn’t support 32.

K sampling mode you actually don’t really have to think about this at all and the reason for that is that f4.

Processors and f7 processors can run just about anything you can think of at 8 kak and and have acceptable processor utilization let me unplug this if you say f7 here and plug in a J bf4 here it is if I plug in a GB f4 and connect this is a MP u 6000.

Gyro and as a result it cannot go above 30 above.

A kak and if I set it to 8k and 8k with all the these these sensors aren’t supported will go to D shut 1200 dynamic filter is on save and reboot and you’ll see seven percent utilization C so on an f4 or f7 if you’re at a ke processing you.

Really going to get this when you’re trying to run.

At 32 K and the answer is probably going to be to turn down from 32 32 to like 32 16 and then you’ll be fine if you’re.

On an f4 and you’re trying to use 32 case sampling mode you might need to go down to like 16 16 or maybe even 16 8 you.

May not that’s like 16 here and 8 for the pit loop that’s uh an f4 may not be able to go that fast but there you go so that’s the answer if you’re getting the CPU load warning the answer is basically you need to reduce your gyro update frequency in your pit loop frequency but actually there’s one more secret that I want to tell you about you could actually overclock the CPU on these things and that makes it run the CPU runs a little hotter.

But it runs faster and so by enabling CPU overclock let’s go back to the Caputo f7 here what I’m gonna.

Do is I’m gonna go in here to the CLI and type CPU overclock equal to 40 megahertz save and let’s see what happens to my CPU load CP load.


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