Like when you’re in deeper Spanish either coach sage here the some brief pre run exercises you could do to kind of limber up before your run you know you wake up in the morning you’re a bit stiff you need to get the blood flowing and of course before a hard workout or a high-intensity session we recommend jogging really.

Easy for 5 10 even 15 minutes.

I usually go like 2 miles really easy pace before doing strides and stretching into a workout you don’t want to stretch cold muscles but this is.

Before you even start that mm-hmm you can do something like a copper Sager which I have here enter code for a discount at Copper Sager I am sponsored full disclosure but this is a copper pipe and when you have clean legs before they get.

Dirty it glides really well on the calf muscle it actually works as friction therapy to warm up while the muscle area of the skin but also kind of get the blood flowing really good if you have like tight Achilles sensitivity or tight calf’s you can kind of just get that gliding over and I get the warm friction therapy really good going across the back.

Of the leg there you could do both legs like that the other thing that I’ve been doing because I have.

Pretty tight hip flexors from sitting with bad form as well as just running a lot over the last 20 years tight hip flexors you want to activate the glute muscles your butt muscles underneath by doing a reverse plank so what we do is you put.

Our feet maybe about shoulder-width apart lay back helps if you have a flat mat but then what we’re gonna do is thrust upwards and try to get this kind of in a straight line from your shoulders to your knees so reverse plank thrusting upwards kind of stretching out you should feel the stretch in your hip flexors but more importantly you’re activating tightening.

Up your glute muscles your butt muscles as you thrust upwards you can do variations on this too with one leg to try to.

Activate each side well as I like to stretch kind of stretch the hip flexor by turning my leg sideways like.

And to feel that stretch in the front of the quads and the hip.

Flexors and tighten up and fire that glute muscle so going up like this its resting.

Your hips skyward and that really helps just kind of get the the glutes firing as well as loosening up a bit.

You don’t want to pull anything again tight muscles cold muscles in the morning it’s important to kind of just get that muscle memory going before you even start your run always thinking about good form always thinking about injury prevention but then you know using a copper Sager after the run as well for all your muscle groups IT band quad kind of works as a massage so yes.

We could pronounce it copper Sager enunciation so up in.

There on that copper Sager I can check out the website for more details there but yeah with the ruiers reverse plank you want to have the legs at about 90 degree angles so I had them a little aggressive there I’m kind of on a slope ideally you’d be doing this on flat ground so a 90 degree angle as you thrust upward and you.

Leg up higher I’m not very flexible and don’t have very good mobility so I don’t do the single leg planks to do that more maybe.

After the run has more of a strengthening exercise but this is just limbering up getting the blood flow more importantly most importantly activating the glutes which get lazy on firing and something that I’ve been more conscious in trying to get in for Hill running as well as taking the strain off the hip flexors off the quads and having the glutes absorb some of that force on impact but also.

On push off so that’s the idea kind of behind this basic reverse plank exercise poco I own.

A torrent great trail shoe gonna wear it at the Pikes Peak.

Marathon I’ve been racing in it at speed goat dramatic stage runner sock what else can i sponsor plug here can’t been out in the San Juans here it’s a beautiful backdrop outside of Silverton Colorado but thanks so much for subscribing.

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As well as subscribe on here check out our training plans any service any distance seed running calm thank you so much guys really appreciate it especially the patreon supporters for making this channel grow and.

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