The youthful brain we all look forward to a long life and great health and happiness we’d like to have a youthful brain this course will invite you to learn those practical strategies and knowledge to encourage you to create that youthful brain we want to understand why do our brains age and what we can do to remain youthful my. Alaric Aaron ender I’m the director of the brain Research Institute and I’m here to share with you the.
Many years of research I’ve conducted on the brain to help.

You understand about the aging process to age properly we could find many sources of knowledge we can go online and stay up late at night and look at Wikipedia and find the hundred things to do this and.

The 50 things and do that we can make a to-do list a a wish list but what’s really important and what this course is going to provide you is the ability to appreciate the creative potential of your brain how extraordinary your brain is and in this extraordinary nature of its design that you have available to you the tools necessary to create a youthful brain and.

A long life so appreciation driving your motivation to do the right things to create that brain will be part of this course we want you to also appreciate why memory is so important of course they’re already complains about.
Their memory was they get older we’d like.

To reduce those complaints we’d like to have you think that you’re not losing your memory that you’re actually gaining your ability to appreciate life and enjoy it we also want you.

To have some very practical some simple strategies this course is not going to be exhaustive it will be essential in terms of the things that you can do the things you can know about to allow your life to be the best possible most orderly most healthy life and finally we’re going to talk about this whole aspect of plasticity it’s going to come and go through.

This course that your brain has a huge potential to adapt itself to create any style functioning and therefore any quality of the aging process so in this course we’re going to have five modules we divided the course into five areas the first module one we’re.

Going to introduce the nature of the brain is structure and function it’s important for you to.

Appreciate exactly what your brain is made up of how its coordinated and organized then in.

Module 2 we’re going to talk about the aging process and in terms of what could build well and what could go not so well the good aspects of aging and then.

Not-so-good aspects of aging and focus of course on Alzheimer’s which is the biggest fear most people have as they get older then in module number three we’re going to talk about how your genes are regulated and they’re regulated by your experience and therefore your experience drives the aging process then in module number four we’re gonna talk about a lesser-known type of brain cell and maybe lesser-known but.

It makes up most of your brain and therefore it’s probably mostly responsible for the aging process if.
Most of your brain is made up of type a cell then most likely that.

Type a cell is important for how you think.


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