What’s happening YouTube back at it again freedom acids training here oh here to share a little bit more bring some more fuel to the fire that you need and join a little bit of my Pepsi round two round two hope you understand what that means first part of the day we’ve already had a pretty good half of the.

Day here you still got and you see my clock there you still got tall oh I don’t. it all depends on how you guys look at perspective – how much sleep you need a human being really doesn’t need much sleep really 6 hours is all I really need I get more I’m happy but uh hey guys.

Want to kind of add a little bit more to what we were talking about earlier touched on touched on what our mental focus need to be on touched on aspects about life don’t minimize where you are.
In life don’t let different things in life stop you I want to kind.

Of pick back up where I left off you know there’s a reason why many of us still have a lot of fear doubt uncertainty because we let voices we let circumstances in life kind of pushes back and that’s the sad part we let the noise in the society that we’re in remember most of what happens in society is so cookie cutter that people impose that on you you know you’ve heard the term keeping up with the Joneses okay.

A sad reality you know usually I look at subdivisions and nothing against people who live in subdivisions but you know you come from that type of perspective you know it’s a cookie cutter mindset you really you really not.

Want to step out we talked about reality shift yesterday I really don’t want to step out of that thought process hey I want to live in our you know hop in a home that’s got.

A nice white picket fence you know that sort of mindset and we need when you look at the other side of the coin the flip side of it is the fact that you live out.
In the country that you live.

Out with a good few acres of.

Land you know we talk about freedom you know we talk about working on working on you that is the asset apologize that’s the thing being in the office you know calls come in at.

Random times always always pulling on good old but hey guys hope I’m adding some value here hope you get some out of this piece really want you guys to understand where you are where you guys are emotionally where you guys are spiritual okay keep in mind what’s fueling you doubt what’s fueling your worries okay you know there’s a healthy side.
Okay there’s a healthy side to fear there’s a healthy.

Side to worry there’s a healthy healthy side to why the uncertainty okay but are.

You letting that okay punch you in the gut are you letting that get you know are you allowing that to get on your you know get a get to a worse point of your life okay so don’t let anything stop you don’t let anything stop you okay if you ever were to get a mindset hey maybe you know moving out to.

The country it’s not such a bad thing you know heck I’m not saying I’m not here to say that being in a subdivision is the wrong thing or.

Being living in the cities the wrong thing everybody is in a different context and no context is wrong okay it’s.

Truth relative I don’t want to go into that subject but guys you know I’m here to let you know we talked about taking action okay take action okay the in action is what causes you worry the in action is what causes you to setback setback so real okay there are the consequences of taking risks and taking risks are for.

Seems foolish to a lot of people but hey risk equals reward okay you might not see the reward to the risks you take in life an employee takes a lot less risk and supposed to an entrepreneur entrepreneurs fail a million times several times you look at you look look at Dyson okay the creator.

Of the vacuum the famous vacuum alright what do you what do you have to say about that man how many times did.

He fail ok but falling is part of it’s no different than standing up and sitting down but when you concentrate on oh you know what I’ve been I’ve been falling down wait you know far too long you know I just don’t have the strength to get back up well that go all goes back to mental resilience that all goes back to I I got to work on.

Myself here ok I got to get back up I got to move and we say stay stagnant too long you’re you you know you go to your done you you don’t you’ve hung it up and you you are pretty much done hopefully there’s another chapter.

To you okay hopefully there’s another chapter to your life but uh hey guys get it encouraged execute.

Take action get on fire okay balls deep okay take chances take chances because remember the best is yet to come okay it.

Will be a sad reality for a lot of us to just lay down and take it and give up okay and blame blame all kinds of you know scenario using life alright it’s pretty sad of people giving up people making excuses.

Hey you know as they say you can’t take excuses to the bank then I’m gonna cash that check so best best that we do is recognize where we are in life okay recognize where we are in life and the next thing you need to do is start coming up with an action plan what’s your course of action see away as we talked about in the military what’s your course of action for you know let’s talk simple terms bills all right there’s $3,500 $4,000 do.
On six or seven different bills.

I’ll put together how do i how do i navigate through that challenge challenge is welcoming welcome that challenge okay welcome that challenge because if you don’t welcome challenges guess what that’s pretty boring you can pretty much go into the motions you know there’s nothing in life that excites you anymore it might be just around the corner for some pretty bad depression okay talk about depression we are going into the fall season here okay one.

Of the highest times of the year where we have depression where we have you know a lot of isolation people are just kind of isolated you know there’s groups of families that take vacations or take time off or you know spend time together as families and.

Are people that are just isolated okay and they don’t.

Have the mental strength they just lack the mental strength to be part of you know be part of a.

Group or even be strong to be by themselves I mean this channel is all about freedom assets training okay so important is so pivotal that you train the asset that you are okay you already brand Nike is not.

The brand okay Nestle is not the brand their things will be old you are.

The brand okay if you can identify the fact that you can bring value to the forefront okay that’s where that’s what it’s all about all right guys I’m gonna get off here I got a appointment here or teleconference I got to jump on all right catch you on the other side be encouraged remember the best is yet.

To come okay stay focused we’re ending the day here well not so much ending the day here but you know Phase two let’s go all right have a good.

One I don’t forget to subscribe all right and give me a thumbs up because let me tell you some I’m going to bring fresh content every day and we’re gonna combat this fear okay we’re gonna combat this fear people are full of uncertainty people are full of doubt people.

Are full of all kinds of confusion all right well we’re gonna combat it all right peace.


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