When you close your door before heading out for the holidays oxford police investigator Marcus Wilson says you needs to be making sure your home is less attractive to thieves usually around the holiday time when students leave to go home for the holidays a lot of time people leave like the curtains open and stuff like that where they people.

Can see valuables inside the house so one tip could be to close your curtains don’t leave any valuables where people can see them well no one is.
At home get someone to check on your house periodically.

Student sailor Brown travels home to Houston regularly and knows.

How to take precautions I go home for the holidays like I’ll make sure that all my valuables.

Are in like different spots so.

If someone were to come in like they.

Able to find everything but.

I usually do bring like my most important self home with me if you’re going out of sound for this upcoming holiday season be sure to lock up so that you don’t become the next.

Victim of burglary Miranda Crosby news watch Ole Miss.


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