Hey what’s going on alright thumbnail time okay okay okay okay how y’all doing all right let me see it’s really about the food guys where our face is really nice okay so if you want to see how we cook this correct me all day right oh please watch the video watch the video guys yeah so what do we.

Have all right okay we have homemade turkey sausage guys Homemade turkey sausage and homemade french toast right fresh french toast okay yes and our YouTube video is actually to this video so the videos that I made these on actually attach to the video so tap the screen to subscribe and to watch the videos okay recipe is attached.

To this video everything is attached to the video except for this sauce this is not attention to me I just made this on the black alright so on our site our healthy side we had tomato tomatoes chicken uh-huh like sapote lake style chicken is nice and seared seared okay and what kind of I don’t know I’ll give all look.

Cooking never gives all her secrets sorry but it is a secret song and it’s not dairy either but we don’t really eat there you know.

Just to let you know it’s not dairy okay oh we forgot this theorem I am gonna have oh okay I did not forget the syrup syrup okay and we’re not gonna.

Head I’m not having Sara for all of my diabetics out there okay your girls not having syrup but it is some surfing this.

Recipe so you guys make sure you check out that video okay thank you okay all right we’re gonna bless this food thank you.

Lord for this food they were about to receive to nurse it strengthen our bodies in Jesus name we pray amen all right guys I told you we were gonna do a eating show on this uh-huh all you guys have seen the first video this one’s for you guess what this is homemade turkey sausage hello everyone all right guys let’s dig in all right so.

Tell them how that tastes we don’t have a knife but please if you’re gonna have whole Tomatoes like this whole beefsteak tomatoes I mean let y’all see this if y’all gonna have whole Tomatoes like that we have it.

Nice this is some seared this is um see your chicken chicken thighs okay boneless chicken thighs does she cut up and she seared them really nice so it’s kind of firm when he outside but nice on the inside well seasoned not gonna have syrup but I’m gonna head this sauce on here let me see when the sauce.

Is like uh-huh that sauce is really sent it off guys make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel just tap the screen to subscribe.

You know I forgot to go lady I was thinking about doing that but I forgot okay.

Hold on I am truly elating contrary to popular belief we want to look like we’re you know dainty at them good old restaurant or.

Something I literally slaved over my countertop so cook this guy’s this is some spinach filled french.

Toast french toast mm-hmm if you want to see me actually make this please click the screen subscribe and watch those videos I’m sorry I’m trying to figure out how well what you’re gonna do is just do that and then bring it to the fork I mean bring it to them so.

They can see it it’s not you know okay don’t eat all that at one time Andrew you want to use my place cut it I really gum I want them to see but it’s still angled towards ya I don’t hear okay just something and see Vega you don’t put that whole tomato in your mouth mm-hmm I did not know he was.
Andrew please I know I want you.

To eat with class on here I mean no harm come on come on come on we don’t do that we don’t do that stop we don’t do.

Go okay that first bite was delight cool right yes it was very delightful and.

You should have a fork when you eat this meal and a knife mm-hmm we don’t know we eat on camera and.

We see a lot of people gorge food we don’t do that I’m not gorging food I’m not gonna have my man gorging food for some views I’m just not gonna do it we are classy people know we’re not zooming out sorry it’s all about the food not our.

Face okay there you go look YouTube we actually are live you know we do live we are.

The live king and queen but we’re trying to do this like it’s a tutorial – all right I’ll lose it oh this is really good alright let’s get into this french toast you know what can you get us a nice yeah I think that’s what we struggling oi I don’t know waiting over we need a knife can you get us a knifing yeah ok I’ll get a.

Was raised better than the job I gotta have a knife.

I gotta have a nice we eatin with class when I love beauty ok so let’s sit this this is my Hulk juice this juice blocks me from becoming the Hulk I have.

A horrible horrible temper very bad temper but this spinach and garlic juice right here keeps me really really calm so we sip on that and my man don’t need that cuz he’s very calm you know what I’m saying thank you alright des let’s see we can woo come on in there ok good it is.

Really good that’s why month mains are going to be separate because we don’t really have.

Enough room to do both yeah it’s and then show them to the camera so they can see everything cuz I know some people are saying you can’t see but it’s really it’s about the food it’s not about us it’s about the food all right let’s spinach just a spinach french toast yeah I know.

Scars alright go for what you know boom he don’t had to eat this with class y’all I’m sorry he’s like I wanna eat the way I want okay go ahead and eat like you want.

Baby you don’t want to eat thanks he’s a man hmm not a squirrel in gum now you would think and put some more syrup on him you.

Would think that uh this was like box but this is really good this is my homemade turkey sausage let’s see I’m getting all kinds of flavors with this french toast guys mm-hmm all kinds of flavors I’m getting vanilla I’m getting okay I’m getting like um it’s nice and sweet that’s really really good you guys like this lip color alright let me try some but up to 77 if you like it try some this sausage right now when.

You put some more like no no no but we did okay nobody listen put some put some Oh Oh get it out okay alright let’s see yeah that’s what I’m talking about guys look at that alright just so I don’t make too much of a mess okay tap the screen to subscribe to our YouTube channel I’m actually eating why I say countertop.


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