Good welcome to Tuesday night true health Tuesdays tonight we’re talking about men’s health now I am the expert in this because I am a man I’ve been a man for over half a century fifty-five years okay okay well what we’re going to do okay we’re going to talk a little bit because men’s health has to be it’s it’s.
A it’s a bit different particularly with the challenges today we’re going.

To cover a couple of things one joints muscles but also vitality and how your body.

Is continually regenerating how would you like to have a younger body next year yeah and and what’s wild is I’m going to show you how your body regenerates and also the things that are going to stop that regenerative process and and here in doing the research I think this was off of green medical info but.

It was such a brilliant start of an article I had to put it in and when you look at it we have entered an era where medicine no longer bears any resemblance of the art and science of healing.

The doctor no longer facilitates the body’s innate self-healing capabilities with time care good nutrition and special help from our plant allies I mean that makes sense and we’re going to go through because a lot of doctors today are trying to fix stuff that isn’t broken and they’re also.

Looking at stuff that’s downstream they’re looking at symptoms and this weekend I had a great opportunity a flew back east and luckily my sweethearts relatives most of them are physician’s assistants or medical doctors so we had several very heated conversations okay and and so so the.

Talk radically changed because I want them to start to understand how the body actually works now we’re going to talk about how inflammation regenerates tissue okay how you need an inflammatory response in the body to regenerate tissue but the problem is if we have systemic inflammation or inflammation without regeneration see we’re all were.

To have inflammation that breaks down tissue and that that inflammatory response that’s breaking.

Down tissue stimulates all the building process okay however when we look at diseases like Alzheimer’s autism depression strokes cardiovascular disease these are inflammatory diseases without the rebuilding process.

Now some of the things because in the medical world inflammation is considered bad and the tough part with that is not only is that foolish but you’re trying to second-guess the body okay so now now think of the arrogance of that yeah the doctor.

Smarter than you you know the doctor knows that your blood pressure needs to be a certain number.

The doctor knows your cholesterol needs to be a certain number the doctor knows really in fact ask your doctor if this is right for you he doesn’t know okay not all men are the same not all not all people are.

Look at this the nonsteroidal antiinflammatory what’s the number one therapy you if the body presents with inflammation you do the opposite if somebody presents with high blood pressure in.

What do you do give them some below it right if they have high cholesterol give them something to lower it if.
They have high diabetes or blood sugar you give them something.


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