We have to make sure that the politicians are held accountable every administration had the ability to put a pan on his fastest when it comes to asbestos it really what is about power money and politics welcome thank you very much um I have a limited amount of time as we all do and I have a few things I’d.
Like to make sure that you take with you in regard to wait what should be.

Done about diagnosing and treating asbestos related diseases first let me talk to you about the.

Term asbestosis you want me to okay um it’s kind of kind of a wacky word if you will in a way to describe the disease process we know that Lucky Strikes cause lung cancer we don’t say this particular patient has Lucky Strike OSIS we say this.

Person has lung cancer what without going through a lot more examples like that or we don’t for example that colon cancer is associated with asbestos exposure in its causation by a factor of two fold over a period of years we don’t call the colon cancer colon cancer OSIS we call it a.

It well the colon cancer you know you get my idea get my drift I’m saying here but the important thing is is that that nomenclature of calling something.

Asbestosis is defined by the government is about a half a dozen minerals that have been shown in epidemiologic studies to cause the diseases lumped under the overall some name of asbestosis that’s a geologic term we should be moving as.

A community of persons who are concerned about prolonging the period.

Of time from exposure to manifestation of disease from asbestos and as fighters in the field to clean up the nomenclature instead of using the term asbestosis we.

Should be saying lung cancer lung scarring colon cancer from asbestos that doesn’t mean it comes only from asbestos it means that it can come from asbestos so by I teach pulmonary fellows about asbestos related diseases in my activities of daily living and they will often say to me well this patient can have asbestos because he was it’s not knowingly exposed to asbestos so it creates.

Sort of a thinking in the medical community that is skewed and prevents the discovery of disease processes and of cures I want to talk about the most important single factor in preventing workers from dying in the workplace the most important single factor is the presence of a union contract now I’m lucky enough to be a medical adviser thank you along with dr.

Insulators Union now it’s a strange situation when.

You’ve medically and in terms of the.

Diagnosis of disease processes when you have more lives saved from asbestos by the efforts.

Of the insulators Union in the afl-cio.

Over the AMA the afl-cio has saved more lives from asbestos related diseases than the American Medical Association there’s something wrong with that thank you um I want to.

Discuss also part of the nomenclature issues.

On diagnosing and treating asbestos related diseases when dr. Frank and I were in medical school they taught us that the patient comes in and he has scarring or she has scarring we didn’t really think in terms of she has scarring at that time a patient comes in and has scarring on the lungs from an asbestos there’s really not much you.


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