Steve Edelman what can you do to protect your kidneys and prevent dialysis or the need for a transplantation it’s it’s very simple but not that easy one is keep your blood Sugar’s under control as best you can get your a1c down there there hasn’t been one study in the history of mankind that did not show.

In a a protection of the kidneys when you lower your glucose levels.

This is extremely important some people think almost as important as controlling your blood sugar levels blood pressure high blood pressure will knock off your kidneys over time doesn’t happen overnight and since blood.

Pressure elevation is fairly asymptomatic you don’t feel bad if it’s high or low you know that’s why you need to be screened and get your own blood pressure cuff just like you have.

Your own glucose meter know what your individual goes on talk to your doctor.

Third is you really really really need to avoid kidney damage for example if you take a ton of ibuprofen these.

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatories that’s not good for your kidneys you have to take a lot over a long period of time but it’s good to know what medications are taking and do they harm the kidney and lastly if you get into a car.

Wreck and they say hey we need to get a cat scan of the brain let’s give this person died so we can see the scan better you’ve heard that with a MRI or a CT some of those dies given in high doses can also accelerate kidney damage so there’s all kinds of things that they can do to prevent that you just need to let for example the doctors.
Know I’m a diabetic I want to prevent any kidney damage and they can.

Use half the die they can give you fluids before and after I don’t want to get in too many details but you don’t want to give anything to harm your kidneys there you go.


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