Have you ever noticed that final powerful spray of water at the carwash before your vehicle gets a rapid blow-dry the water jets pulverize any remaining remnants of dirt that’s one way to view how our kidneys work their job is to flush out toxins from the blood by way of urine the National Institutes of Health reports that our kidneys.
Filter in excess of 200 quarts of blood daily that translates into.

Two quarts of waste each day they don’t get holidays or weekends off they work day and night thankfully our kidneys can wash away impurities while retaining vital nutrients floating around in our.

Blood keeping our internal filters healthy and functioning properly is invaluable for nourishment and detoxification of our bodies so naturally whatever we eat and drink has a dramatic impact on our kidneys health a steady diet of unhealthy food and drinks can strain their performance and put us at risk the good news is it’s never too late to improve your diet and lifestyle even if your kidneys are already impaired in today’s video we will see how our kidneys react to too much consumption of 8.

Different foods and beverages 1 red meat we’ve all heard that protein is good for our health but too much of anything can be harmful for example a diet that is high in red meat which contains lots of animal protein can damage our kidneys the reason our kidneys need to metabolize this protein when there’s a conveyor belt of rich protein headed toward the kidneys for cleansing they.

Just can’t keep up with the pace when kidneys can’t eliminate waste products there will be a buildup of acidic residue in our body it’s always good to talk to your health care.

Professional about the diet that’s right for you 2 alcohol just like eating too much red meat can strain our kidneys the same is true with.

Too much alcohol they will be unable to properly filter our blood also too much alcohol cause dehydration this creates a domino effect if our blood is dehydrated our cells and organs will not be able to function properly 3 table salt while our.

Bodies require sodium to maintain proper fluid balance especially in our electrolytes an excess amount will cause kidneys to retain water too much salt can also increase the.

Amount of protein that is eliminated in urine for caffeine caffeine is a stimulant which millions of people depend upon every morning to help them become fully awake but all of that caffeine.

Sodas can jolt your kidneys into overdrive the stimulant accelerates blood flow which in turn increases blood pressure caffeine has another effect it can lead to dehydration just as salt can too much dehydration can lead to kidney stones.

Health experts recommend you drink no more than two cups of coffee or three cups of tea daily soda and energy drinks are beverages you may want to eliminate completely another source of caffeine is cocoa which should also be consumed moderately 5 artificial sweeteners refined sugar has had a bad rap lately.
That’s why companies began creating artificial sweeteners it may sound.

Better for our health but they can still negatively impact kidney function try instead to steer away from artificial sweeteners and use stevia or honey to flavour your.


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