Hi this is calm your friendly pharmacist today I’m gonna answer one question that I get asked all the time many people have asked me or they tell me I’m not gonna take a high blood pressure medication that the doctor gave me or I’m not going to take the diabetic medication that the doctor gave me because people have told.
Me that it’s gonna destroy my kidney truth or missed well if you ask me is.

According to the National Kidney Foundation of USA the leading or the main cause of kidney failure is.

Uncontrollable diabetes or uncontrollable high blood pressure means that people who have their kidney that fell or spoiled it’s because they didn’t take the medication and cause a pressure go shooting up or they didn’t take your diabetes medication and cause a blood sugar to be skyrocketing or both and it it is destroying your kidney day by day if you take your high pressure medicine or you take your diabetes medicine every single day as required by the doctor your pressure will go down your diabetes or your sugar will go down and.

Your kidney will not be affected understand so high blood pressure medicine and diabetes medicine does not destroy your kidney it helps your kidney oh this clears it up that’s all for me call your family pharmacist by.


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