And never miss another lovely three life-changing uses of Vaseline with olive oil we all know about Vaseline and olive oil they both are widely used in daily skincare routine both of them are individually good for your skin and offer many benefits but have you ever tried the combination of these two today in this video we are going to.

Share some of the miraculous benefits.

That you can enjoy with this amazing combination take two tablespoons of Vaseline in a clean bowl add two tablespoons of olive oil mix them very well to get a smooth texture you can easily store.

This cream in a container for a month in the refrigerator now let us tell you some of the amazing uses of this cream number one enhance skin it is very effective for under-eye dark circles and puffy eyes just apply this mixture on your under eye area and leave it overnight you can also use this as.

An anti wrinkle treatment apply this cream all over your wrinkles and leave it overnight this will hydrate your skin very well and soon wrinkles will disappear Vaseline and olive oil mixture also very effective for dark spots and blemishes number to increase buttocks your buttocks is a very important part of the body and every day its importance Rises skeletal bodies fortunately and no longer lend now the world revolves around women with.

Curves everyone’s eyes turn to bake behinds and curvy body using this mixture of Vaseline and olive oil you can increase your buttocks on the palms of the hands put this.

Mixture of Vaseline and olive oil and apply it to your buttocks with circular movements do this every day for noticeable results we recommend you keep this mixture in the refrigerator to best preserve also chilli is better because cold turns the buttocks and reaffirms so you have a two times one increased in tone buttocks number three increase cup size these are considered one of the greatest assets of women.

Firm and supple chest can make all body.

Shapes a lot more it if this is the sole reason a majority of women want to attain full of chests this is an effective remedy for this.

Purpose mix equal quantity of Vaseline and olive in a clean bowl and mix them well and your amazing enlargement remedy is ready you can store it in a glass airtight container massage your chest area gently using this cream for 10 to 15 minutes do this every day for 30 days by doing this it will increase your size with fuller and beautiful shape try this remedy and share your experience with us in comments.


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