RICHIE: Oh, what’sgoin’ on, man? You know him?JOHNNY: My uncle.

What’s goin’ on? What– what youwant– what you doin’? I didn’t do nothing.

Well– Son, you here for something.

What the did you do? Disrespecting theteachers, or whatever.
RICHIE: Teachers,man, that’s tough? Well, I can’t reallysay teachers but– RICHIE: Is that– is thatthe move– is that the move.

Now, though?Teachers, huh? A teachers?My sister’s a teacher,.

These dudes right here? They don’t like peoplewho disrespect. C’mere mothermother,,come here. You threatened a teacher? Huh? I will kill you! RICHIE: That’s what’sgoin’ on in here. You wanna come in here anddeal with that kinda ?? Huh?.

You know me, right? Am I a punk? You think I can handlethem two right there? I can’t, man.

In here with them,and they will fuck me up. Only way I got wins withthem is if I stab them. You ready to kill somebody, man? Stop bein’ a tough ass, man,it’s not gettin’. RICHIE: Come on, man,get outta here, man. Gonna put a nice litte pussyon the side of your face. You know what that is, right? Don’t cry, don’tcry, don’t cry. Listen, you gotta–you gotta– listen.

Don’t wanna see you in here. You hear me? Come on, take it easy, man.All right? Stop disrespecting people, man. Do right, you gotfamily that love you.

Don’t comein here with me, man. I gotta deal with this every day, man– –I got five months. You see this shit I down here, I gotta have nothin’ but. You don’t wanna gothrough this, man. You’re not that kinda dude, man. JOHNNY: Yeah, causeI saw my uncle that I haven’t seen in years.

Put him right in– cell– right in front of Cell 1. RICHIE: What’s up, Daryun?- Come on. RICHIE: What the you doin’ out there? – You know him?- Yeah, I know him. – What’re you in here for?- Smoking weed. I’m gonna tell yousomething, man. You know I’m not no punk, right?- Yes, sir. Who’s that? You always known me asnot being a punk, right? I’ll stand up to anybody. There’s dudes in hereI can’t with, and there’s a lot.

Of ’em, andthese guys can’t protect me. You wanna come inhere and be like that? No. Your moms loves you, yourpops love you, you got family.

My family’s with your family. What’d I– What’d I used to do? I used to take careof the family, right? What I ever did with you? We had fun. Yeah, I tried to takeyou to play basketball– Yes, sir. –do positive things,not negative things. Go to school! Respect your moms,respect your teacher. These mothermother righthere gonna get at you, and I can’t protect you. – You and who else?- My sister. This is what you’reteaching them? No, sir. You wanna seethem locked up, too? No, sir. You wanna see some dudeout there beating on them, raping them?- No, sir. Teach them some respect! What’s wrong with you, man? You better than this. You understand whatI’m telling you? Yes, sir.


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