Hey guys so in this video I went to get the flu shot with my brother we first tried Walgreens and then we went to CVS hi I’m not sure you guys’s a flu shot well I what if I don’t have insurance goodness another state yeah she reminds me of the character from Deadpool that lucky girl Domino’s remember her.

So who’s that that pose girl from Deadpool 240 99 I can’t get one right here okay thank you damnit I couldn’t get one inside the car okay it’s okay I’ll go inside why do you want to get vaccinated well you can get.

Vaccine to protect yourself against the influenza virus which is mainly spread from October to May anyone can get the flu in symptoms include fever chills sore throat sore muscles cough headache he knows the tea and you only need to get it once for the post season these are my favorite you can do right there so take too long position 120 over 70 cent that’s good yeah all.

The position is qualified to interpret the significance of blood pressure measurements gotcha Covered self diagnosis is self adjust my medication is dangerous I agree you check yes you won.

Nineteen over 72-hole so I’ll take that nothing like getting the flu shot in pharmacy people who should not get the flu include people that have a severe reaction or allergy to the components inside the food vaccine or if you’re not feeling loved now there are some risks with the vaccine a possible reaction but most.

People who get the vaccine don’t have any reaction a serious.

Reaction to the vaccine with food hives on your skin and possibly your throats going on that taste vaccine and I got.

The pulses back squad that’s a quadrivalent vaccine meaning there are four different viruses that the vaccine protects you from there also tried million vaccine as.

Can get the quadrivalent one I suggest that one leg I can hand the patient’s arm.

Okay the less handsome medium out there I didn’t get them at this year in your language yeah I applause and not I don’t think you’re human you’re machine I didn’t question how you feeling you feeling like someone punched in my shoulder you probably feel like that a little bit you feel like someone kind of punched in the shoulder a little bit see you later just be trying to know you have someone else with benefit from it.


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