Dentistry has come a long way in modern medicine and technology long gone are the days of the assembly line health care system we’re used to the three principal health care systems in place today the more expensive privatized health care system where if you’ve got the money doctors can fix about anything wrong with you the less expensive but broad.

Spectrum socialized medical system we’re similar to a Ford factory assembly line.

People are herded through the social.

Care system in mass quantities there’s one more healthcare system that no one’s really thought about many of us love and care for the animals of this world given them free health care many times they give back through.

Love affection and mental therapy for us but I discovered some animals will give you direct medical attention if you let them like cleaning and removing a blister on your hand but I needed something specializing in dentistry that’s.

When I went underground actually searching the back alleys of.

South Africa to find that special dentist who can inspect and clean my teeth I visited some African meerkats to get some help this gives animal care a whole other meaning a good dental check first that’s what the meerkats do and they like to check you out so it just mail like your.

Mouth has the most powerful since oh oh let’s don’t get up here dental check anyway okay dark everything okay it’ll check meerkats use a holistic approach to your health care inspecting you everywhere for stinking cease off my soccer thank you I always give a little time with meerkats every time I clean enclosure close.

Like bit leg okay one big hit that’s good that’s a meerkat attack beware that curious animals not you bud very curious my pockets.

In my pockets dig a hole on my shirt what’s my pocket that’s my pocket taller kiss affection let’s identify who you are they also do free pedicures.
And you don’t even have to ask why close to.

Toes I’m talking the man socks chewing on my shoes so I mimic their sounds try to sound like them friendly sounds I went to another meerkat.

Dentist and got a second opinion it’s so funny how all meerkats you want to identify you by your scent of your breath to get my my scab in my.

Hand scab it was time for the final treatment with no anesthesia the same thing it’s amazing sometimes cost is everything when it comes to health care that’s when you’re willing to find somebody to do it for just peanuts or at least grapes but you can also pay a meerkat doctor with love respect and a good old-fashioned scratching.

So doing this still meerkat down I say he’s little meerkat down yeah like an on/off switch right there anything Nick on/off.

Switch for meerkat meerkats are cute but still potentially dangerous they’re still wild animals and don’t make goodness they dig get into everything tear up stuff and can become aggressive wild animals require a lot of respect and understanding knowing their personalities and behavior is not always enough Mia bit my finger wants for no panties meerkats also secrete a marking scent from their anal gland on everything it’s the most choking repugnant smell you will ever experience these secretions are used to identify individuals and.


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