Hey what’s up my friends I wanted to share with you in this video eight easy cheap and practical ways for you to prevent breast cancer my name is Justin Stellman I’m the host of extreme health radio.com which is an online radio show that we do live three days a week that’s designed to help you take control over your.
Own biology so I’m not gonna share with you.

In this video all of the research and science behind all these things.

I’ll let you go do your own research on that but I wanted to make this video actionable and short okay so number one is to avoid wearing a bra wherever possible so the reason why you want to do this is because in your body you have lymphatic fluid.

Of this as you do blood now toxins get stored in your lymph and when you wear a tight bra especially with metal under wiring.

This cuts off the lymphatic system drainage in that area of your body so you don’t want to do this we did a.

Show with Sidney Ross singer who’s written books on this subject so avoid wearing a bra.

You possibly can number two is exercise it is so important for you to get regular exercise every single day and the best exercise for improving your body’s ability to move lymphatics fluid around is rebounding rebounding jumping.

Up and down on a mini trampoline is number one for helping to.

Improve your lymphatic system fluid okay so what it does is it opens up millions of one-way valves to allow the lymphatic system fluid to more freely flow throughout the body and carry toxins.

Lymphatic system does not have a pump so it’s really important to stimulate that manually and the best way to do that jumping every day on a rebounder which uses g-force and gravity to open up and stimulate the opening and closing of those one-way valves critical critical number three is do.

Not put your cell phone near your breast okay whatever you do do not store your cell phone near your breast because what this does is according to the work of dr. Martin Paul as it opens up the calcium ion channels in your sells and it allows a thousand times more calcium to enter into your cells than should be there and when calcium enters your cells in this large amount.

All kinds of diseases happen as a result of that so the wireless radiation the cell towers the EMF that’s being emitted from your phone sitting right there on your breast that’s a big no-no so if you know of anyone that does that please send this video to them and let them know number four is iodine a drop.

A day keeps breast cancer away and there’s many studies on this that you can look up on on PubMed but essentially what you want to do is put a dab of iodine one drop on your left breast and one drop on your right breast and switch breasts every single day and switch around so that you’re getting that iodine directly on to your breasts iodine is extremely anti-cancer number five has to do with oral health.

Now oral health is directly related to the disease processes we have in our body you wouldn’t think that dr.

Steven Heinz have shown in x-rays that there are x-rays.

Showing a woman’s infected root canal with a line going all the way down to her breast tumor directly so it’s really really important to make sure your oral pathology is optimized if you currently have mercury fillings cavities cavitations wisdom teeth extractions or the very worst is or root canals if you have any of those things you need to make sure that you fix those by going to a biological dentist the dentist we recommend is dr.

Stewart Nunley at healthy smiles for life number.

Six is to turn off your wireless router in your home in the evening if you have wireless internet in your home and you’re not using it make sure to turn it off whenever you’re not using it exposing your body.

To this much wireless radiation is extremely damaging to your breast tissues and to your overall health and especially make sure to turn these off at night when your body’s needing to restore itself and to rebuild its immune system turn off your wireless router.

In the evening every night before bed number seven is all about light make sure every single day to get direct sunlight on your breasts every single day so what many people don’t realize is that your body creates melatonin and melatonin and many people think is what makes you go to sleep but actually melatonin has thousands of other processes that it does in the body and actuality melatonin is the number one anti-cancer hormone that your body already creates.

And something that we’ve learned recently is that your body’s able to.

Create melatonin locally when the Sun hits it so what does all this mean it means get your breasts in the Sun every single day so your body can create melatonin directly.

On the breasts number eight is to avoid sugar cancer feeds on.

Sugar it uses sugar as its fuel cancer cells have seven to eight times more receptor sites for sugar than they do for anything else and that’s their fuel to survive and to grow so make sure to avoid sugar at all costs so there you go those are eight practical things that you could do to prevent breast cancer in your life I would love to know comment below let me know what your thoughts are if we’ve missed anything obviously this video isn’t exhaustive so if we’ve missed anything comment below and I love to hear.

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