When you get in these fights,what do you feel at the end? What did you get? I ain’t gotta worryabout them messing with me or talking about me no more.
You got siblings? Three on my momma’s side,and one on my daddy’s side.
OFFICER 1: Well what exampleare you setting for them? Life is not aboutwho’s saying.

What, or keep my nameout of your mouth.

Do you think you’re beingrespectful right now? – No.

Upin my face and everything goes, that’s why I just can’ttalk like regular people. That’s exactly what they’retalking about, Mariah, are your comments, your attitude.

That’s what gets you in trouble.

Your face, and you’ve got tobe smarter than them and walk the other.
OK, so you tellingme if somebody hit me, I’m just turn aroundand walk away? FEMALE OFFICER: Yes.

How about you walkaway from an argument, and then it won’t endup in a fist fight?. It all starts withyour attitude. The way you treat people,you’re going to get that back. I don’t think that you’reas big and bad as you think you are. I didn’t think that Mariahwould change, because I really felt like she wasstuck.

In her ways when it was all about Mariah. Since Joe visit,Mariah come home. She cleans up her room, doesall her household chores. We went to court on the 29th andI stood in front. I don’t have anyproblems with her.” It’s not real hard not to fightbecause I stay in the house, but like my family andfriends, they was like, “I see a change in you.” One day this girl hadsaid something.

To me, and she was like, “Mariah,you was supposed to hit her.” I was like, “No, Iain’t gonna do it.” When I saw my cousin, I waslike sad, because like I ain’t seen him in a long time. It made me think about it, likewhen I go to deal with my.

Own, like my little sisters,they look up to me. So I don’t want them tohave to go through that. Well, positive thingsthat I have been.

Doing is like I’ve beengoing to church. We would not acknowledgeall the visitors. I set up there with the pastorand I like announce everything, and I was playing basketball. Sometimes it helpme release anger, like it helped me clear my mind. MOTHER: Mariah playsbasketball for AAU. They just went toWide World of Sports.

Proud of myselfthat I’ve changed, and I’m here to show off to thewardens that I have changed.

Yourealize that your mom did want the best for you and– By her sending me. Like when I said Iwasn’t coming back, I’ve been working onsucceeding, and I’ve been staying out of trouble. Like me and my mom get alonggreat, you know, now we don’t– she don’t havenothing bad to say. I been getting alongwith my sisters. I’m really happy for you,because I want you to do well. And I appreciate youcoming to tell me that. She wants me better, andshe was like, “Call up there and I could talk ifI have a problem. I’m very proud of myself,and I’m glad that I got the opportunity.


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