98% of early stage patients are cured but the key is early detection something I talked about with my friend and patient Cheryl Pro tell me about that moment walk in the room were you here yeah welcome back handsome I remember where I was the day that I called to find out what my pathology was I was driving down.
Beverly Boulevard and he said why don’t you come.

In and I had a feeling that it probably wasn’t quite.

What I’d hoped it was going to be that moment when you said I had invasive I remember exactly how I felt and it will forever be indexed in my body of emotions your cancer was.

Detected on a mammogram yeah do you feel like that mammogram saved.

Your life I feel like that mammogram saved my life in conjunction with my my gynecologist.

Calling me and saying even though they’ve said let’s have you come back in six months because something looks a little suspect why wait six months I know mammograms hurt but they really do save lives if here’s flat as I am just the effort that it takes for them to pull all the skin from the rest of my body around to my chest to get it into the machine is.

Is so painful but I know but having said that it was will in the long run be much better than the alternatives I don’t you remember it was only 48 hours later he said to me I’m going public with this so can you back check here make sure I’m saying the right thing and I thought it would have been impossible for.

Me not to talk about it having a fan base that I have which is predominantly women and to not go out and talk about prevention when you do concerts with the cause are they somehow more special or different.

Yeah you know it’s it’s interesting because the the concepts I’ve done that have been specifically for a cause always tend to be more emotional it’s a very strong community of people who have survived cancer because that moment of being diagnosed is a moment I think everyone can relate to who has been diagnosed it’s a real showstopper.


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