For me my represents breathe fresh air for sell out anti-cancer diet and healing illness naturally breathe in and out fresh air for your lung cells and everywhere even your hair and skin soften in real air unpolluted winds refresh and boost the immune system and promote healthier sleep patterns cancer is another illness a word a warning sign that something.

Is not right there is a lack of oxygen fresh natural air and healthy balance.

That stems from all directions from the physical to mental to soul for all of.

The illnesses I have overcome fresh air and quietness four prominent factors and healing massive life changes heal removing stressors is key eat organic plants live unplugged and in natural light don’t fight illness healing imagine not having to overcome illness in the first place imagine systems and professionals who help and are compensated for real improvements transitions into health and basic needs you connect with mama nature where she knows just as the body knows how to balance and restore I don’t believe any matter feels healthy boxed in.

Sealed up or contained and separated from nature let animals and plants shine in the.
Sun the universe needs to get.

Back to nature moving forward our home and health designs require clean fresh natural air without the consent of or influence of others our past and current designs did as well but when depending on surrounding environments and people intentions are frustrated into.

More illness if you can’t open a window to rejuvenate your home it’s time to dance over – a fresh.

Field and start anew when your voice is on her not understood.

Unstick let go move on and remove yourself from negativity this idea works in many ways and planes for healthy living begin again tiring I know but this time with the knowledge that you can have what you need when you make it so make sure your surroundings match your needs pause anything or anyone that doesn’t allow you to have your needs first take care of you.

This excerpt is from myself health book collection for more read my current and upcoming ethically made books from the gentle life collection at the shop at deaf College buy a more meal a great how are you are you filling up with love from within.

Do you know love is always there for you are you listening to the unbalance are you surrounding yourself with basic needs for wonderful health and.

Love are you breathing in good energy know that you are loved be yourself be loved stay tuned for more anti-cancer diet and preventing and healing from illness recipes books and nutrition benefit information it’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month let’s find ways to not have to.

Have a month for this illness what can we do to not accumulate cancer an illness changes big healthy wonderful natural changes start small it crack a window take a walk all bundled up write letters and use your voice for change and practice breathing deeply and gently stay well be purely you live in the light visit me at amor mila great calm happy october.


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