Alright I’m back after Jeff Sarah went through his little oh my god the worst possible thing probably happens geser their last last episode we’ll see how that goes alright we killed his wife four great stars nothing to complain about so far Jane is moving back inside which is a good thing I guess we got some shit which is.
Nice and advanced scope right.

I mean we have access to that now which is nice where is that large door okay Siobhan really needs to.

Those guys the big class can just kill our boys in one shot as far as I can tell that’s how James died so let’s hope that doesn’t happen again eighteen eighty percent only four to six damage and it’s fire no way 80% chance we missed for fuck’s sake.

Holy shit alright let’s see what our other options 85% chance what kind of damage can you do 5 to 7 it’s not enough there’s really nothing we can do like I feel fire like if she wanted hit on her 80% chance then he’d be.

Dead and gesture would be safe which is fucking so annoying maybe we can get Jane to run out first that means that we’re completely open to the lad that’s back there oh fuck I think it’s a risk that is probably worth it that’s wrong too here maybe he liked her one not civilian upstairs I know that sounds bad book are you serious fuck we.

Don’t even have to rain shit I suppose shotguns she does have shotgun troll grenade maybe not quite crap okay overwatch just in case the guy comes up behind us or it I guess oh please no okay poisoned which is nice he won’t be able to 1-shot Josh sir definitely not right come on.

Flatten em miss aha both this is so bad it’s slowing so well just.

Took a sudden turn your to health as well oh you’re not in cover he missed anyway fuck we are so lucky okay maybe things I’ve been going that bad if just her imagine if your.

Man misses with this swing he field three damage Jeff sure has armor though go with that all right nice he healed for two and took one damage from the poison oh my throat right reload and what are we gonna do what you know I guess we have to overwatch for your man runs outside just hair I run.

To here and take a shot just collect the civilian nice one hey boys alright that’s that where are you going thank fuck and now we have.

How many to collect we still need to collect one civilian there is one upstairs oh fuck we have to reload.

Alright let’s do that so then and that’s it you can’t fire from here so overwatch fuck alright that’s okay sword slash yes I guess this guy 91% to finish them if we miss this I will fuckin throw my laptop out the window alright nice down that’s.

Everyone I think is it there’s not the rescue this.

Boy upstairs and then we’re.

Doing thank fuck oh shit so they always reveal themselves at the end I guess oh that’s still really bad cuz he’s gonna run an attack jester who’s already wounded promotion errant okay.

71% if we put you on overwatch that will go higher so let’s go with that when he’s more out and opening a better spot so he’s the last alien clearly you know ice that was already that was already down come on God he looks creepy miss oh my god come on these two are like if they had both hit again he’d be dead don’t tell me another miss for fuck’s sake he’s done is he gone.


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