Nameste angels I’m gonna do a client reading this woman actually order her reading about two weeks ago and she was another one that I just haven’t been able to to do and though it’s the the difficult thing is that I can sometimes want to epicly do my readings on Saturday my client readings and I can want to do.

All them you know that I have and that’s what I try to.

Do every all that I’ve received during a week I try to.

It’s just not physically possible but other times it is and other stuff.

Like weird stuff what happened that I won’t be able to get to them and that’s pretty much what’s been going on in the past.

Couple weeks um with some of these like just bizarre stuff like today my phone my phone just stopped working you.

Know how to deal with brain was you know just like weird stuff it’s not even like Mercury retrograde or anything anyway I’m doing it now I’m gonna see what she has going on so beginning with the.

Universal love Oracle and divine guidance to do a spread from the perspective of a masculine divine guidance is pretty straightforward the moon is representative of it could be water sine energy.

Particularly Pisces or cancer with the actual moon Earth’s moon rules the sign of cancer the moon in the tower represents the sign of Pisces but more importantly than that it is about the guidance that is available to us always infinitely right here’s a big infinity symbol or number eight depending on how you turn it and look at it what your perspective if 8/8 are a.

Very karmic number karmic as in of the universe not this derogatory.

Term that karmic has come to be you know as it relates to our partners other you know mates and stuff the moon is about surrender to feminine energy of surrender so if anybody has any.

Kind of control issues has been trying to fight in the universe now is gonna be.

The time they’re gonna want to move into a place of balance instead this card from me very temperance like but unlike the sign of temperance the card of temperance in the traditional Tarot which represents the sign of Sagittarius this more air in.

Water and you know for the obvious reason because of all the air and then the blue but also because air signs our thing is communication right that’s our that’s our trade particularly the sign of Gemini and Gemini the Great Communicator of the zodiac ruled by mercury the communication planet right but all earth signs some sort of communication Aquarius as technology I guess you might get email and text and stuff Libra.

Might be some sort of public speaking and integrity as it relates to communication so anyway this guy over the like communication centers of the.

Body the throat chakra the third eye chakra or the crown chakra has these very strategically place white spheres and so I always feel like he has something to say and she’s sort of helping him to to come around and find his strength for to helping him to.

Restore his in his Chi his you know their balance between them and in each one’s.

Individual balance but particularly his divine guidance and emergence so this is like somebody has been possibly asleep at least to the extent that they you know they’ve recently had a growth spurt a further awakening and or they may have been going to sit through like a rough time a dark time in their lives.

And with all but this part with all the bright colors the yellow the.

White then you know where there’s light they dark we.

Have to presume the dark must be from where this person emerged so this is like a rising again like a resurrection of somebody and it can be a resurrection of the Union itself a Mayan guidance one more I.

Was gonna mention when that emergence car popped up here.

Energy well yeah here it is for sure somebody.

May be an actual fire sign or this could be representative of like Mars the red planet which is a ruler of Scorpio which could still explain some of the water that we’ve seen currently located in Aquarius so that would explain also the water and air together or it could be Jupiter rule of Sagittarius right fellow fire sign Sagittarius and Jupiter currently retrograde and would not retrograde but I’m located rather in Scorpio had been retrograde.

There it’s just locating there now in Jupiter also connected to the sign of Scorpio as a fixed sign in addition to the other fixed signs Aquarius Taurus leo fellow fire sign Leo so any of those could be coming up divine guidance that golden memories card is about the need to let go of something that is holding you back some things like you’re.

About to experience some spiritual growth.

You’re about to move forward right there’s been an emergence you ain’t then you’re about to like enter a gateway go to a new face you can’t take some of this stuff from you especially like the negative cords of attachment and negative emotions and all those things you can’t.

Take that stuff with you there’s the Erykah Badu song bag lady you gonna hurt your back carrying all those bags like that you can’t hurry up.

Cuz you got too much stuff like you can’t move forward until you you drop like the resentment the inability to forgive and you know regret pride ego all.

Of these things we have to release and let go and sometimes they’re.

Not just emotions sometimes it’s actual stuff then we need to you know do some sort of clean with we’re hoarding things we got stuff from our old relationship surrounding us you know we gotta get rid of those things and sometimes it’s the it’s the old relationship itself a toxic situation that we’re still stuck in and not necessarily romantic there are all kinds of you know living situations and and work and.

Different things that we know we need to move out.

Of but we we stay and so in order to have this next growth spurt we’ve got to drop that stuff we can’t take it with us the overall energy is earth connection representative of Earth sign so I think maybe at this point we might have seen all the elements it did that’s – like the fire card we just talked about not necessarily just earth signs because Venus is a ruler of tourists but she’s.

Also a ruler of Libra and Gemini so she’s I considered the queen of swords but she’s also the queen of Earth and representative of mother and mother earth so it could be her she – currently located in.


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