Now I’m saying angels I’m gonna do a first time client waiting for a young woman I met on Gmail she contacted me via Gmail beginning with a look at the relationship between her and her first love and trilogy of light and opening two golden memories somebody maybe a fireside I didn’t talk to her about any of that but.

This fire heat and light here and this fire here but golden memories more importantly is about things that we don’t can’t really take with us toward our future the stuff that has to be left behind it’s often emotions I mean it can.

Be a relationship you know sexual people and things other connections things that you know to which we feel married ignore or attached can be.

Yes but often what I feel our emotions negative emotions like regret resentment the inability to forgive so holding on to just old toxic stuff that prevents.

Us from moving forward and because the best of the ways is down we can’t take it forward with us you know so there’s.
Shows up to like look around you think back reflect and make sure.

They were only taking from our pasts the golden memories and leaving you know anything else where it belongs and open into relationship which is about the need to work on the relationship we have with ourselves if we’re unhappy dissatisfied with others especially those memories.

And forgiveness I told you I feel the emotions the negative emotions we’re like things like forgiveness are necessary and we’ve been unable to give it sometimes you’re not gonna get the you know requests for forgiveness you’re not gonna get the apology no one’s gonna say you know will you please forgive me you’re just.

Gonna have to do it for yourself because you can’t move forward holding on to the inability to forget you can’t move forward holding on to the older forgiving this opposite colder memories I say boom.

This is exactly what I was talking about golden memories ok sacred Union very nice so.

I’d say looks like the Angels trying to help me in this half.

Hour reading that I don’t have to take the time to lay out a separate spread about you in this first love again someone maybe a fire sign one maybe air but there’s also a lot of connections right now between fire and air for example Mars the red planet is currently located in Aquarius so there’s a fire in hair right there in case heaven on earth very much like golden memories it tells us that if we’re in order for us to achieve.

To first remove ourselves from hell we are holding ourselves in hell on earth by maintaining connections again to negative emotions sometimes.

Of attachment that we’re unable to break ourselves and we need to seek you know the help of somebody else like myself for example relationships different situation living condition situations you work.

And you know different jobs and things that we know are holding us back that we need to leave but we’re clinging on for whatever reason fear often.

Fear if not one of these other negative emotions that I’ve mentioned already and so that keeps us locked away in these in these.

Places but we want that if we want the heaven on earth you got to remove those out so that the universe can send.


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